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Baby Shower Pictures!!!
As being the guest of honor, I made sure that I did some
milling around the crowd. (Look at that belly!) lol
This ever so lovely cake (as well as DELICIOUS!) was made by
Kathy, my mother-in-law, who was pretty much the one
hosting the party along with my "godmother".
Before the party starts, my "godmother" says a prayer for the
food and asks for the day to be blessed.
Cheese Raviolli, salad, Texas Caviar (not fish eggs!), and a few other
yummy stuff.
Everyone is relaxing with their plates of food while chatting. I
already had a plate, but Mairi was giving me a hard time, so I
couldn't eat much. At least I was able to sit and relax!
How cute!!! One of Paul's cousin brought her baby to
the shower, and he was such a GOOD baby!
What on earth are they doing?!
Yeup... They're sniffing diapers...
... Don't worry! Its not what you think. In them are melted candy
bars for them to smell and guess which candy bar it is. The
funniest part is that it isn't at all very attractive to look at!
Yes... I was shocked. I didn't expect this many, so you can say I
definitely feel very blessed to have people, whom most I didn't
really know very well, who were willing to give something for
my baby.
All unwrapped! Took Paul and I a while to go through them all too.
As you can see, we got quite a variety of things. But they were all
Now all that is left for us is...
... A baby!
Won't be too long now.