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Mairi's Pictures!
April 17th, 2005, at 1:35 am, little Mairi was born. It
was a full day- approx 13 hours of labor until she
came, and it was all worth it!
Mairi all washed up- 1 1/2 weeks old
On my very first Mother's day! 3 weeks old
This is what she wore for her first day at
church, which was Mother's Day as well! My
parents got this little outfit for her.. Now all
she needs is a pair of boots!
Christening Day - May 22, 2005
I made her dress... I'm looking to find a better
picture of her in it...
"Hiiii Mom!" She's grinning away happily as Grandma and I
are taking her along for a ride to town
Daddy's Girl!
She's sitting pretty for her mom.
This is Mairi's version of bed hair.
she loves to play with that tongue of hers...
June 17, 2005: Mairi is now two months old, and is
sprouting up quite a bit. The newborn clothes she first
wore in her first few weeks, which were loose then, are now
too small for her. The 3 month size is what she
comfortably wears now. Amazing, isn't it?