Eh... here are some backgrounds that I or others have made. You can use these for your sprite comics if you want. Just to let you know.... my bg's SUCK!!!...Enjoy anyways!

brickwall_door.gif - Just a brick wall with a door. Like for a city.
brickwall1.gif - A plain brick wall and street.
green_busstop1.gif - A street next to green grass... and a bus stop.
green_street_city1 - A street next to green grass... with a city in the background. The city looks like a bunch of cardboard boxes though.
green_street1.gif - A street next to grass.
highschool.gif - The highschool from Sugar in a Twist.
inside_school.gif - The inside of the highschool. It can be turned into anypart of the school.
kayu_room.gif - Kayu's room from Sugar in a Twist.
school_englishclass1.gif - My version of an English classroom.
school_lockers1.gif - Lockers in the hallway.
school_mathclass1.gif - My version of a math classroom.
school_ssclass1.gif - version of a Social Studies class room.
starrynight.jpg - A starry night.
starrynight_moon.gif - A starry night and a moon.
starrynight_mountains1.gif - Starry night with mountains.
starrynight_mountains2.gif - Starry night, mountains, and a moon.
sunset_mountains1.jpg - A sunset with mountains.
sunset1.jpg - A sunset... or maybe a sun rise? Either one I guess.