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Lord's Prayer

Lord's Prayer

Get started on this today and have it finished by next Christmas. Can be used as a tablecloth or wall hanging. Makes a wonderful gift for anyone or make it for yourself.

Cotton size 5, hook size 4, 9462 yds. 64 x 101 inches.
Cotton size 10, hook size 7, 8427 yds. 53 x 80 inches.
Cotton size 20, hook size 9, 7909 yds. 50 x 76 inches.
Cotton size 30, hook size 11, 7392 yds. 45 x 73 inches.

Starting at bottom right side of the pattern, chain (ch) 694. Ch 3 to turn which is used as the first double crochet (dc) in the first row. Chain 2 more and dc in 9th ch from the hook to complete the first open mesh (om) square. Continue following chart.

Lord's Prayer

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