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September 11, 2001


My wonderful friend always had a cheery “hello!

And we’d talk for hours about things from years ago.

When the conversation would come to an end,

We never said “good-bye”, just see ya ol’ friend.


Now that perfect friendship of many years,

Will be the cause of my endless tears,

Not because my Laini is gone away,

But rather, because of things we didn’t say.


For now the date; September eleven, Two Thousand and One,

Will forever cast a shadow, upon my sun,

I know, someday I will recover and carry on,

I’ve always loved her, and even more, now that she’s gone.


So happy she was, working at the World Trade Centre,

To the 97th floor, her employment sent her,

On that frightful day, a plane crashed from the sky,

Which caused my ANGEL, and countless others to die.


Laini’s love of life is what makes it so hard,

I know she’s at peace at the foot of her Lord,

She was an ANGEL in life, always seizing the day,

So I’m put at ease knowing, she’s my “Guardian Angel” to stay.


Melanie is now lost, without Laini here,

Spending endless hours, crying a river of tears,

Then one day while surfing the net,

Melanie and Mark, accidentally met.


Mark wrote a website for a Canadian Shop,

The NY Style Deli, Meat, Cheese & Subs all in one stop.

Melanie asked Mark for a tribute to write,

So I’ve tried to capture Laini, with little insight.


I wish I could have known you Laini, as Melanie did,

You sound like an Angel, and that’s just what Melanie said.

Your life was shortened, here on earth,

But the Lord above really knew your worth.


He had for you a master plan figured out

To be Melanie’s Guardian Angel, and you are, no doubt.

Heaven is lucky to have you there inside its gates,

To guide the world in this time of hate.


Watch over us now, to you we pray,

Keep us safe until we meet in Heaven one day.

Help peace & unity to always prevail,

And justice be left to the Lord and our ANGEL!


God Bless you Laini

Till one day we meet.

September 11, 2001 (Felix The Cat) .

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