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Welcome to my web site I'm Barre Pinske. I have been a professional artist for 25 years. I'm really busy up here in Vermont. My new Studio and Gallery in Chester is slowly getting finished. In the last year I have had my work in a movie, been in a history channel show and did nearly 100% of the decor for a 16 room Inn.

Although I started my career as a wood sculptor you will see I work in many mediums. I have a great collector base including many names you would recognize on my artist profile. Over the years I have received much local and national press for my art work. On this site you will find many images and much information about my art work. Selected artworks are in categories shown from the button bars on either side of this page. To see the most images of my art work click the photo archive button on the top left of the main page. I have 100 photos of my work in the archive. I am excited about my move to VT. The business is off to a great start here. Please send an e-mail with questions to if you are interested in my work or just want to say hi. We have sold a lot of chainsaw carved bears as bread an butter to support my new project.

See the completed a 16 rooms of funky furniture items for the Amee Farm in Pittsfield Vt. by flowing the link from the current projects button bar on the left.

I'm really looking forward to the future here it's a great space in a really nice area. Thank you for checking out my site, Barre


Here I am with a chair made from branches and resin. The chair took 300 hours to create. The chair has a plywood core for structure. I glued ridged foam to the chair sculpted it to shape and then covered the foam with a resin, wood dust and fiberglass shell. The branches were attached one by one to the shell and flooded with filled and pigmented resin. The chair is in the collection of Dr. Ryne Johnson. Click on the Chairs Button Bar to the right then on the twig chair to see pictures of the Twig Chair in process it is really cool.

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This is a funny picture of me with a sculpted foam eagle head. The foam core was coated with filled resin and fiberglass. The foam is carved with a wire brush on a die grinder and sanding tools. The static cling of the foam is a pain but it carves easy and will not rot like wood. This sculpture was a commission for Steven Tyler. The eagle head is off of the deck on his home recording studio.


Here I am with Steven Tyler in my New Bedford Gallery in 2002. Steven and his then wife Teresa came down to see the 23' slide I was making as an alternative way to get from the main house to the pool house. I made the Paper Love seat we are sitting on in 1998.


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