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IdolForum's Clay Art Contest

     Welcome to Idolforums first Clay Aiken Art Contest! Here you will find the entries for the contest, along with a way to vote for the entry that you like the most. All the entries have been made by people at the Clay Aiken Idolforums board. If you like Clay, join us here!!

Alright, onto the entries. Remember the number and the artist that you want, because at the end of this page is a poll that you can use to vote for the entry that you like! Please only vote once. Thanks! And if you have any questions or concerns, please email either Usagi or Kaylz1130. Click the picture to view the full work.




claypicture.jpg (40459 bytes)

Entry: 1

Artist: Usagi




Entry: 2

Artist: Nicole




Entry: 3





Entry: 4

Artist: April




Entry: 5

Artist: Alyce




Entry: 6

Artist: Miss Claymerica




Entry: 7

Artist: Usagi




Entry: 8

Artist: Ginger




Entry: 9

Artist: aiken4clay12






Entry: 10

Artist: Idol_Otaku






Entry: 11

Artist: Caitlin




Entry: 12

Artist: Sara




Entry: 13

Artist: Kaylz1330




Entry: 14

Artist: Syren



And here is where you vote. It is in two polls, because they all didn't fit on one. Please only vote once. And even though they are in different polls, they will all be tallied together. Thanks!

And Your Vote Goes To....
Entry 1: Usagi
Entry 2: Nicole
Entry 3: Nicole
Entry 4: April
Entry 5: Alyce
Entry 6: Miss Claymerica
Entry 7: Usagi
Entry 8: Ginger
Entry 9: aiken4clay12
Entry 10: Idol_Otaku

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And Your Vote Goes To... Continued
Entry 11: Caitlin
Entry 12: Sara
Entry 13: Kaylz1130
Entry 14: Syren
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