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Hypatia's Site

This is a very no-frills, basic kind of site that is perpetually "under construction".

It's a place where I can upload PSP8 resources
I create, or results made for challenges
("homework") for PSP yahoo groups I belong to.


1. Other


Here are my links:


2. CHpsp_pgHYP- 2003.12.16Tues- plate with cookies2.jpg

3. CHpsp_pgHYP- 2004.01.02Fri- Cat head.jpg

4. CHpsp_nutHyp-2003.12.29Week- Valentine tag.gif

5. CHpsp_pgHyp-2004.01.02Fri- Blinkie1, Big

6. CHpsp_pgHYP- 2004.01.05Mon- Tissue Paper Tag

7. psp_pgHYP-2004.01.02Fri- NameWithJewelTAG.gif .

8. CHpsp_pgHYP- 2004.01.10Sat- Beaded necklace

9. ani.Stargate, with gate effect

10. CHpsp_pgHYP- 2004.01.06Tues- Frame (LOTR, Legolas)

11. CHpsp_pgHYP- 2004.01.09Fri- Art deco frame (Leia+Han)

12. CHpsp_nutHYP- 2004.01.11Sun- BlossomsNglitter tag.gif

13. CHpsp_nutCH- 2004.01.08Th- Marble columns.jpg

14. CHpsp_pgHYP- 2004.01.11Sun- TortoiseShellText.jpg

15. CHpsp_pgHYP- 2004.01.11Sun2- ABC, ltr ''H''.jpg

16. CHpsp_pgHYP- 2004.01.11Sun3- Chrome text.jpg

17. CHpsp_pgHYP- 2004.01.12MonBonus- Valentine tag.jpg

18. CHpsp_pgHYP- 2004.01.12Mon- CrumpleTag with slats.jpg

19. CHpsp_pgHYP- 2004.01.15Th- Mandala (Jaguar).jpg

20. CHpsp_pgHYP- 2004.01.16Fri- SmplMsk+Frame.jpg

21. Hypatia's filmstrip

22. CHpsp_pgHYP- 2004.01.16FriBonus- Chocolate Heart.gif