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I chose to do my article presentation on the artwork of the budding communist party because I wanted to see how the arts influence humanistic beliefs. The communist party utilized artistry to help spread the beliefs of their style of government, from dramatic plays to artwork. The artistic style of the communistic beliefs helped to build the party into something that was larger than life.

In Leninís What Is to Be Done?, he explains the role of the propagandist. He said the propagandistís primary medium is print, used to explain the causes of social inequalities. In contrast, according to Lenin, the agitatorís primary medium is the spoken word, used to seize the emotional aspects of issues to arouse audiences to fury and action. Therefore agitation uses political slogans and half-truths, and propaganda uses historical and scientific arguments geared toward the enlightened and educated of society, also used for political education and training of party members.

Though it was termed propaganda, the works were no different than American publications and drama. The posters issued by Communist Russia during the era match similarly with American posters, in both style and nationalistic message. Very similar to American propaganda which supports our beliefs and undermines those of our aggressors, agitprop was fully dedicated to spread Communism the world over, divulging all types of lies about Capitalism and especially about the United States, symbol of liberty and individualism.