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My Little Girl

I own the following Duel line kites
4 Chevrons, Two Rainbow and two Texas pattern
Flexifoil 6'split
HotShot Splitz
2-Flexfoil Super 10
Flexfoil Prospeed 6
3-m Quadra Track Foil
New Speed Foil in stars and strips by Ray Marry
Mosquito @
Neptune @
#LunaMoth @
2-Scorpions @
#Concept VLD @
Century 21
*Jam Session @
#Spark II

*Amazing new style @
#BV Feather

2- Freeze Frames
*3- Erazors @

I own the following single line kites:
Single line kites:
4- Cubes
econd Wind UL
DragonFly Kite
PeeWee Box Kite
*Rokkaku 6'

#Limited edition Celtic Rokkaku
#3- Cool twist/ Rokkaku's
2-Old Glory's/ Rokkaku
9' Eagle of Paradox/ Rokkkaku
Rainbow Ripple/ Rokkaku
Cool Twist/ Rokkaku
Custom made High Hopes/ Rokkaku
Focus/ Rokkaku
Flying Squares/ Rokkaku
Renza Omega Star
Custom made Black light Prism Rainbow/  5' Rokkaku
Several Ed Shenk Fighters
Sutton Flow Form 16
Three Northern Flight Fighters
Several bamboo fighters
#Chinese Goldfish
*Giant Carp
Martin Lester Rainbow Bird
Carsten Domann Roller

Aztek Delta 14'
#Aztek Delta 14'

#Astril Glide 

Gomberg Super Sled
My first fighter
#Fandango Fighter
Bora Bora Diamond
NorthWestern Whale Diamond
Chinese Mini Kites:
Swallow, Yellow Monarch and Dragonfly
And about ten more bamboo kites

Tons of Line laundry and ground displays!
Four kite Bags full of kites. ;-)
One backpack with lines and another with Inflatables ;-)
No cart to haul them yet!
Almost impossable to get a full count ;-)
I am looking at getting a cart that they
use to haul deer out of the woods for my kite bags. 

* = May favorite kites
# = Kites I have sold and no longer own

Dean and Anastasia