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My Interests

When I was a small boy I enjoyed fishing on Fish Creek with my friends. As an adult I moved to Sylvan Beach and fished off the pier. It was in Sylvan Beach that I met my future wife. After we were married we purchased a boat, a first for me, her second. My lucky break! I finally got to fish the famous Oneida Lake! Most of the time we go out at night and drift for Walleyes with worms or minnows on Dixi Spinners.

Some of my photo album

I also enjoy ice fishing. Me and my friends go out several times a week all winter long and usually bring home several walleyes and an abundance of perch. We use tip ups and also jig for them. As long as you dress for it it can be the greatest.

Since I was introduced to the sport of kiting:

My first two kites were Flexifoils and I found it hard to launch them alone so I then bought a pair of eight foot delta wing kites called Hawaiian team kites or Chevrons. I have the two Chevrons trained together and fly them with 500# test spectra line.
I was wondering if there were other people that fly kites in my area?  I put on a fun fly twice a year and had about thirty people (at the first one) and about fifty people (at the second one) with all kinds of kites on my 25 acre field located in Durhamville, NY. I hope to have more people each time one is held.
I now enjoy Zero wind and ultra light kiting.
Contact me if you are interested in becoming a kite flyer or need some advice on the sport it self. You must come and see a fun fly and see how kites have advanced through the years.