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Jack's Refinishing Project

Silvertone SG

Virtual Pictures



Progress Pictures

Step One: Get the guitar

This is the item picture I got from ebay, I ordered this guitar originally off of ebay, the exact guitar isnt the same, but the model is, its just a different year, the only difference is the headstock on mine is a bit smaller and doesnt say "by Sammick" under where it says "Silvertone", and there is only one hump instead of two.

Step Two: Clean the guitar

This picture appears to be a dirty body, but that giant smudge is actually the reflection of the camera, and the other imperfections are reflections from the flash, thats right after me cleaning the guitar. The reason the pickups are taped is because the mounting rings are off, but I'm not going to unsolder the pickups, so for now I'm taping them in place so they dont fall out and scratch the paint.

Step Three: Mask Front Of Body

The purpose for this step is to paint the back and sides before tackling the actual burst. I didn't know whether to mask the contours or not. On one hand it would look better if the burst started at the end of the contours, on the other hand, since this is my first refinishing project, I was afraid the shades of black would be uneven and the sides would be unnoticeable, but the contours would be more noticeable. In the end I decided to mask the contours, although it would look better, I didn't want to ruin the project. For this step, what I did was make a paper "template" of the guitar and cut the outline of it into the center a couple inches(for room for the tape). Then taped it on. This was very tedious as tape does not bend easily (ha). So my strategy was for any uneven sptos in the tape, I used my finger nail to push the tape upto the right spot.

As you can see I taped the control plate and screwed it on. The reason for this is I did not want to have to unsolder the pickups to get all the electronics out, so I'll just tape the pickups and put them in the cavity when I do the actual painting.

In this picture you can see how much smaller I made the template to leave space for the tape.

Step Four: Paint Back and Mask pickups, etc.

This is about halfway through painting, the painting of the back was a success.

This is a picture of the hanger I used to hang the guitar body. I had a clothes rack laying around (I have no idea where it came from), so I masked the top of that and hung the guitar on it.

This is the masked pickups and switch label.

Step Five(Optional): Mess up on the burst!

Ok, heres the deal, i "changed my mind on how i'm going to complete my refinishing project" it's in quotes because I didn't realize I wanted it different until i messed up on my first attempt. (In other words I screwed up!) Well, I guess it's not too bad because it's still going to be a great guitar, my burst was not a success. It was blotchy, and there were marks from where the push pins were (should've taken your "holding the template" advice, Brian.)<--other than that, I dont know what I did wrong, so im going to take this as a sign that it wasnt the best way to go, im not going to just paint it black or anything, im probably going to make a red trapazoidal (sp?) stripe down the middle, and maybe something else, im not sure, but I'll make it something that ill be sure to do correctly

This is what I ended up doing for now, when I get red paint I'll most likely start on that stripe.

Step Six: Design plan B!

That's the virtual picture I'm going to base it on. I'm going to do the same type design on the headstock, maybe reversed though, red with a black cross!

Step Seven: Paint the cross.

What I did, to get my "look for the cross is used a template I made out of poster board and bend the edges away from the guitar just a little, so it would have a faded edge, but straight nonetheless. Now, I wasn't going for a complete fade, just a small fade from the edge a little, almost like the cross is glowing. (you'll see in the next picture). For comparison I put the virtual picture next to the real picture.

I really like how the cross turned out! It turned out exactly the way I wanted it. Im very happy.

Step Eight: Paint the clear coats.
Today I sprayed on the first of the clear coats, no pictures needed, tommorrow I'll continue, and when I'm done spraying them I'll post pictures.

Step Nine: Polish the guitar.

So far all I've done is sanded it with 1500 and 2000 grit, sometime next week I'm going to take into my dad's machine shop and buff it. Whenever my new pickups come in I'm going to put the guitar together and post the final pics! *_* I cant wait to sit down and actually play it again!!!

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