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Our Info Page

Grace Lake
Grace's Treasures
2127 Garden St
Ponca City, OK 74601
last updated 5-1-04

E-mail us with your order. Include name of item(s),
details about custom orders (i.e. colors, type of item, name),
your name, shipping address. When an order is placed we will
email the total price including shipping.

Customizing: On the items that have a * you can order
in a different color. Items with # can be personalized
with name and/or other words.

Payment terms: We accept credit cards or electronic payments
through Paypal. Money orders and personal checks
also accepted, no cash.

Shipping & Handling terms: We ship through the USPS and UPS,
depending upon the item being shipped.
We prefer to ship the least expensive way,
so as to keep your costs down.
If you prefer to have an item shipped
a different way, please let us know.