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Soap 3

The bars of soap on this page are examples of what you can order.
The ingredients listed can be changed for your custom order.

We have the following soap bases:
Clear Glycerin,*** Moisturizing Glycerin,***
Avocado-Cucumber,*** Goat's Milk,*** Hemp Seed,***
Shea Butter,*** Olive Oil,*** Castille,*** Honey,***
Aloe Vera

We have the following Essential Oils:
Lavender *** Peppermint *** Tea Tree ***
Oregano *** Bergamot-Mint *** Eucalyptus ***
Ylang-Ylang *** Lemon ***

Butterfly and Flower Soaps

Ingredients: Glycerin and Castille bases, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil,
Peppermint Oil, red and blue colors

The butterfly is 3oz ** $2.75
The flower is 2oz ** $2.50

Silk Flower Petal Soaps

Silk flower petals dipped in soap, to use for one time washing your hands,
or put some in a warm tub to relax. Just throw away the petals when used.
Package of 10 petals $1.50
Ingredients: Clear Glycerin soap base, Lavender-Vanilla Essential Oil, Vitamin E

Large Oval Soaps

These are 4oz each ** $3.00

Lavender colored bar ingredients: Goat's milk and Glycerin bases,
Lavender-Vanilla Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and body safe colors ***

Green colored bar ingredients: Moisturizing Glycerin and Avocado-
Cucumber bases, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, and colors