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La artista

My name is María Gisela Guastavino,
I was born on a beautiful day on may 13, 1969.
I studied Art Direction for Advertising, and I paint since 1992.

I also took lessons of sculpture and engraving at Instituto Paula Corsico and Sandra Montaldi Atellier.

On 2001 I attended to the Ernesto Pesce atellier and since 2002 I´m taking lessons with Gladis Rubio.

My works were exhibited at Fundación Bollini, Centro de Arte Nuevo Abasto XXI and CGP de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

On 2002, some of my works were shown at CEMIC and then, on 2003 on Centro Cultural Recoleta de Buenos Aires.
In the same year my work was part of the Festival Orgánico.

The last exhibition was at Fundacion Norberto Quirno.

Someone asked me once:
"Do you feel a good artist?"
And I answered that as long as you do things with passion, you are an artist.
The rest is just subjective.

Painting is a way to show my feelings.
It allows me to communicate myself with other people in a complete different manner.