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Mini Books

Mini books are wonderful little artisitic creations. Usually, mini books are defined as being less than
4" x 4". Any type of book style can become a mini book. I've really begun to enjoy constructing these tiny books and I'm providing some links on mini books and book making in general here for your enjoyment.

My Gallery of books I've made.


Canadian Journal Arts egroup!

Mini Book Swap Gallery
January 2002


Bookmaking Links

Shereen LaPlantz author of "Cover to Cover" possibly the book on bookmaking.

Templates of everything by Donovan Oragami, baby items, cards, envelopes, mini books, bookmarks, folios, boxes, bags and more more more! Especially good for the rubberstamper!

Was founded in 1983 in Toronto, Ontario by a group of professionals and amateurs from all quarters of the book arts: bookbinders, calligraphers, paper makers, letterpress printers, paper marblers, and book artists, as well as archivists and conservators.

Jenny's Art Space
She has included some great pictures of her work.

For more: Check out the back files of Canadian Journal Arts egroup.

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