'Rosina Ferarra'

Rosina Ferrara

'Rosina Ferrara'
(5' 7" w x 3' 4" h - oil- circa 1880

This picture was received last week (26/Feb/04) from Jan who lives in Norway.

He wrote:

"I have a big picture signed Frank Hyde (named CAPRI) 170cm-100cm. This picture is showing a lady on a sofa with one small girl and another woman siting on it playing on a sort of instrument. It looks like is from a balcony with a beautiful view of the coast! The painting was bought in a auction after World War Two."

The picture does not seem to have a title - Frank signs it as Frank Hyde Capri.

24 June 04
After corresponding with Elizabeth Miller and Natasha Wallace the consensus of opinion is that the model depicted is Rosina Ferrara fn whom additional information and a portrait is depicted on Natasha Wallace's excellent site on John Singer Sargent:
Head of Ana-Capri Girl

In particular, Elizabeth wrote on the 19th March 04 - "Carolyn (Elizabeth's daughter) has just been to see me. She loved 'Capri'. Thinks it beautifully painted and the shortcomings, which I listed, are quite deliberate, to achieve a background effect, as in a slightly out of focus photograph. She is quite happy with the child and feels pretty certain that the model is Rosina".

I decided to rename the picture "Rosina Ferrara" as she is the main subject. Frank, almost certainly would have had an eloquent title for it - perhaps something incorporating 'evening' and 'tide'.

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