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Gallery 1 - First Attempts
Gallery 2 - Creating Art
Gallery 3 - New Frontiers
Make Your Own Fractals
World of Fractals

Welcome to Mojo's Fractal Art! This site contains the fractal creations of Adam Lerer. Fractal images are created by applying mathematical functions to points on the complex plane, and using the results to assign colors to the pixels. The result is beautiful, often breathtaking art, which usually has certain qualities, including symmetry and self-similarity.

The images you see here were created using UltraFractal (which you can download by going to World of Fractals) and Fractint, and further edited and antialiased on PaintShop Pro. To learn more about making fractals, click here.

The galleries are ordered chronologically, so visit gallery 3 to view my newest fractal creations. If you are interested in purchasing signed colour high-res prints on glossy paper, in any size, please contact me. These make great gifts!

If you would like to learn more about fractals in general (animations, downloads, creation, links, etc.), visit World of Fractals. World of Fractals contains a wide scope of information on all the different parts of fractals.

If you liked the fractals you saw here, you can make your own! But making your own fractals takes lots of computing power as well as creativity. I find eBay and Neo Computershave awesome prices so check them out.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at You can also contact me if you wish to use my pictures on your own website or for other purposes. I will probably agree.

Note: For optimal viewing, please set your resolution to 800x600 or higher.


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All images Copyright Adam Lerer 2000-2001

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