Path 3
Lanaia Lee


I have ruled this land Egypt for six decades
There was a time two of us ruled, my father Seti and I
Since my reign, I have built many enormous images of myself, so my image and reign will never fade
I demand the utmost respect, few question the reason why.

Everyone knows of my power, as I rule both the upper and lower lands
So I expect respect and obedience from my subjects
My entire reign and rule from the very beginning was carefully planned
Father, Seti I, made sure my path was well planned and our names would remain immortal by text.

My rule and power is known as far Nubia, see
I frequent this land for trade and they can never think I am weak
They have great respect for my rule, they know better than try and over throw me
Everything for the future of Egypt shines, nothing at all looks bleak.

River Nile makes our land fertile and rich
The Gods have been very good to us, see
Our crops are plentiful, no one goes hungry, this is every subject's wish
So my subjects honor, respect, and love me.

It was our family's dream to be immortal forever
All our riches, everything we built, immortality was was very easy to acheive,see
We will never be forgotten never ever
Our voices will always be heard from the past, see.



Total effects of this madness totally controls my mind, body, and soul
This madness, anything I do having to do with you, no guilt
I know what you are, but with this madness, being with you is my main goal
This madness, my God, no remorse, no guilt.

I am possessed by something that affects my decisions in everything I do
It keeps me from thinking about anything but you
This thing makes my wants very few
But there is only one thing I really want and tht is you,

No remorse when I pledge my alligence to the undead
No guilt when I will have to take the lives of others
No thought to the fact others I will have bled
All this because of a madness that makes me only want to be with you, never another.

Last time I was with you, willingly of your blood did I drink
The madness you gave me totally manifested, all you have to do is take me by the hnd
Never no unwillingness of the wondeful red liquid we must drink
I follow you every whim and wish totally subdued, jusy by your command,

So this madness you have gifted to me
Makes me willing to bend to your every command
The madness contols my mind, no guilt when I have to drink the blood of others
To keep my morbid existance aliive just for your every command.



As I walk toward my cabin I do so without any fears
UNSINKABLE! Thousands of highly trained Irishmen built this ship
I change my mind as I head toward the deck, the ocean she is so calm and clear
I look over the rail of ths ship staring down at the sea, but what is thisI see? To me it looks like ice chips.

So cold the wind as it blows. I bet it blows across peices of ice
As I walk farther down the deck, so many people still wake
It's almost midnight I think, usually being up this late for most, others think just isn't nice
But being on a big ship most people think if they sleep they will miss something so it is better to be awake.

Every thing seems to be going along s normal as can beBut all of a sudden a strange vibration and sound
I look to the side and see a gigantic iceberg,see
People yelling, screaming, and running all around.

Unsinkable? Right! I think God just proved us wrong
After awhile it finally sinks in this ship will flounder and die
How many of us this night will sing death's morbid song?
Freezing to death, I have always heard is just like going to sleep, I do hope this is the way I die.

I pray to God most of us will die this very way
Life boats being lowered over the side. Women and children first!
Hurry, we can't afford any delays
The lifeboats being lowered into a sea so cold and deep
"Nearer My God To Thee" the band slowly and sadly plays.



Some people have feelings of being able to see or hear those from the other side
If you can call this a gift I posses the ability to sense and feel
I guess in any special ability you possess you should take pride
People that can see or hear I would think could shut it off, but I can't feeling everything always so strong always so real.

I cam also feel reality and other people's feelings too
This can at times be so bad but at others so good
These feelings I used to ignore, because in certain people I didn't want to know the bad only the good
I did not want to face the bad, I wanted to erase the view.

After losing my heart a few times I learned a good lesson
Listen to my feelings they are hear to guide me
Away from the hellish things that would hurt me so
As id being guided by a hand to a place of laughter and fun.

Then at times I feel the presence of others from another place
Never really knowing what they want, just knowing they are there
Are they trying to let me know they are with me so I can wear a smile on my face?
Are these my departed loved ones trying to let me know everything is fine?

I guess I should accept this as a gift from the supreme maker
To know they are with me, is this supposed to make life easier?
This is sometimes a curse, my feelings are real, I am not a faker
i wish at times my feelings were fake but these feelings are very real, see.



I am the ruler and pharaoh of all you survey here
I was born of this life and also of another dimension too
Being half man, half God I must make sure things remain good and clear
It is my duty to make sure both sides remain so.

My pyramid was not only built by a monetary way, but by the blood and sweat of others
Twenty-two years it took my builders to build my assurance to cross over to the other world
Making absolutely sure I cross over to the place of my ancestral brothers
So I may watch over my earthly kingdom from the other world.

My pyramid will out shine all to show I am master of both planes
Being built and shown on the Giza Plateau
Where forever the show of my strength and power shall always remain
Knowing others will know of my power from what I show.

My death house shall shadow over the rest
Forever showing of my power and worth
I, Khufu, the backbone and the greatest ruler out of all the rest
Always being able to rule over what was deemed my turf.

I have to make sure in all forever I instill fear
A pharaoh often uses this to maintain a tight rule
Making sure others to the right path I steer
But I must also seem understanding and not cruel.



Me being a single Mom I am always tired after a long day's work
As I lie on the bed the cool sheets feel good against my skin
I come home every day to my three children after work
I need no man this situation I will prove and win.

As I am not sleepy, I think I will stay up awhile and read a book
So I sit up in bed and try feeling for the lamp
I find the lamp, turn on the light and start reading my book
I left the window cracked, the air feels cool and damp.

As the wind gently blows the curtains, I think I see a white mist
Coming through the crack in the window, it seems to be trying to take on some sort of shape
The mist seems to be very light like a willow the wisp
The shape it ties to take seems to be that of a human form, so all I can do is sit here with my mouth open and gape,

I don't know why but I have no feelings of fear
You take on the form of the masculine genre
The mist is now right beside me, intentions seem very unclear
The mist moves closer as it seems to not have a care,

I feel very uneasy as I don't know what you expect from me
The mist then moves over my entire body totally engulfing me
I start feeling things not possible to be brought forth by a mist, see
It's clear now. This is an entity that wants to seduce me.



There is a storm brewing in the air
I must find shelter from my walk as quick as can be
It starts to rain, the lightning so very sharp, the thunder so loud it's hard to bear
This must be my lucky day, a house to the side of the road I see.

I run to the porch, running to get out of the rain
It looks like this house is lived in, but there seems to be no one at home
The front door is unlocked, so I go inside to get out of the rain
Things in here feel so strange, I start to feel a creeping feeling of fear.

Everything seems to be in their right placeBut my intuition tells me a different thing
So I decide to walk around as my fear I think I need to face
Rationality and logic not fear I want to cling.

As I walk around the living room everything seems to be fine
Walking around downstairs, everything seems to be in place
There is also an upstairs I am drawn to, I must make sure everything is fine
This feeling I carry is so strange, this feeling of fear I must face.

I walk up the stairs feeling queasy as I ascend
At the top of the stairs I look around a corner and I'm not quite prepared for what I see
A pair of feet, someone lying on the floor, BLOOD! no need to pretend
MURDER! After I see this I am ready to flee.



I haven't lived here very long, so I'm not used to the sounds I hear
It sounds like screams of terror coming from the apartment above
I also hears thuds, what this is I'm not really clear
I bet the person that lives there wished they could fly away like a dove.

The sounds from above wake me from a deep sleep
So I am kind of groggy as I stumble around trying to find the light
With all this noise a corpse couldn't sleep
I walk into the bathroom and see the pipes are leaking again, so I get a wrench and try to turn the nut on the pipe real real tight.

Now I hear sirens it seems the police have arrived
Something bad must have happened upstairs
I wonder if sadistic things make the neighbors thrive
After what I heard for a little while I was scared.

This apartment house must really be old for my pipes to leak when they run water upstairs
I am in a state of awe, as I try to figure out what happened up above
After what I head it's hard to sit here without a care
I wish there was something I could do but I'm scared to even think about going above.

Going back into the bathroom, I see the pipes are leaking again
But what is this? The leaking water has the color of red
I know what happened now, no need to pretend
From what I can figure out someone is dead.



I have always been fascinated by finding things
So when you called and said scavenger hunt, I was all for it
You say it will take place at you grandmother's house that recently passed away
The old house looks so spooky, this will be the perfect place to hold it.

There are only four of us brave enough to do this
The old house emits a feeling of evil and fear
We open the door to find cobwebs and a dusty mist
All the dust makes seeing things very unclear.

We all go into what seems to be a parlor
Gathering together to see what we have to find
As we walk around, we seem to make the dust stir
We go our separate ways to start hunting for the things we must find.

As I come to a staircase, I see one of the things I must find is a hat
Hoping to find an attic, I walk up the uninviting stairs
An attic, I hope, this is the only place I can think of to find a hat
I walk up the creaking stairs, as I do I feel scared.

When I reach the attic, to my amazement I hear someone crying
Gosh, I just can;t believe what I see
Looking behind me I see someone all in white wailing sounding like they are dying
You look at me wailing and moaning, I have no problem with running to flee.



Oh, such a lovely day here in our fair city of Pompeii
As I sit in my small enclosed garden outside my house
A beautiful day, we have no idea of the devastation about to happen as we work, as we play
Devastation about to engulf us as the volcano lies quiet as silent as a mime.

I smell the wonderful aroma of the bread baking down the street
I watch the fishermen as they prepare their boats for another day on the sea
In the harbor I see the naval ships, such a big fleet
Everything going along as usual as can be.

All of a sudden the earth trembles and I hear a very intense boom
Thunder and lightning in a sky that has grown so very dark
It's raining ash not rain as the darkness above us looms
Vesuvius is angry, hear her anger, our impending doom.

We shall try and flee from this place of hell on earth
A river of red and fire is headed straight for usThis must be the wrath of the Gods as it is happening from their turf
We must figure out how to let the Gods know that in us they can trust.

It is evident the Gods are very mad at us
Volcano,oh how I wish there were a way just to leave
Getting away from here is really a must
But all this ash, it's getting really really hard to breath.



Where do you come from? No one affects me the way you do
I didn't understand the word passion until I met you
There haven't been that many men in my life, only a few
Out of all the men in my life you are the only one to me that has remained true.

I am very aware what I must do to forever be with you
I made my choice unconditionally and without fear
I know I must die to cross over to another plane to be with you
I feebly make my choice no cares, no remorse, no tears.

You are the reason for my very being
Why I face another day, the very reason I breath
No remorse, no fear I have no intentions of fleeing
I am not afraid of anything that concerns you, not even death.

So I will freely take the grim reaper by the hand
Where I will venture to an eternal life with you
By your side I will forever proudly stand
All this is so worth it as long as I am with you.

I will never look back or blame you for the choice I freely made
I choose freely for my earthly life to fade
A life as one of the undead this I freely do
But I know within my being for this choice, I will pay many dues.



The footsteps of students have faded because they are no longer here
The bustle of those on campus going to class are long gone
The laughter and voices of teenagers are gone, they are no longer here
But always in our hearts shall remain the seeds that were sewn.

The memories and good times will always in our heats remain
Always attributing the paths in life we took to this placeKnowing by being here we had everything to gain
Our memories shall always remain, regardless of time, regardless of space.

Some of us have already left this earthly domain
But them and this place shall always be in our hearts
One of the main goals we see to, our memories of this place shall always remain
This place helped mold us into who we are from the very start.

Even when we were here we always had God on our side
Making sure we accepted guidance to pursue the right path
Those that were lucky enough to attend here always took pride
Always attending classes of science. english, and math.

We always loved this place and we cherish our memories so.
Being a member of the student body here we thought we were so cool.
What we learned here made life a little easier to hoe.
So with love in our hearts, we pay tribute to GLADE VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL.



I have always been obbessed with ghosts and things.
Being intrigued by this all, it is not strange I run a spook house.
So I made this place as scary as I could, so when you visit here to your very sanity you will have to clinge.
Step into my place and I bet you will never set foot into another spook house.

Come on in and fear for your life for a while.
Subject yourself to the feelings of spine chilling fear.
Open your mind to the darker gothic style.
Step in meet the ghosts that at you will leer.

So step across the threshold to another place another time.
Come meet all the evil ones from the fiery pits of hell.
Experience the things that are hard to define.
After you see what's in store, I'm sure others you will tell.

The experience of fright and darkness will be intense.
Causing your spine to tingle and you to scream.
So come on and visit here at your own expense.
You will think you are in a living nightmare type dream.
So come on in, bring your kids and your spouse.
To experience the enjoyment of darkness and fear.
You will very much enjoy your visit to HELL HOUSE.
Come, stay awhile, because my friend, you will never leave here.


From the looks of things my family believed what I told them.
The master of illusion and misgivings visits my bedroom almost every night.
Garlic around my window, wolfbane around my bed.
They believe my suitor is of the undead, a horrid creature of the night.

My parents even hung a cross around my neck.
They evidentially know of the next move he will make.
Two visits you have already made to me to bite my neck.
Two bites already, one more my earthly existence will fade.

My parents will stay with me in hopes of keeping you away.
Keeping my window closed. me not being able to invite you in.
They know the third bite from you, I would never from you sway.
Knowing the third bite would be like sending me into the lion's den.

I hear a scratch at the window, but I can't let you in.
I feel you calling to me, the feeling I have is so strong.
By not receiving the third bite this situation I might win.
Maybe I will stay in the realm of the living where I belong.

My father opens the window so you may come in.
Everyone hides, making your pathway to me clear.
Coming up behind you, my father forcefully implants the steak in.
My family and I have destroyed an awful sin.



We have been in drought for many many days
The giver of life, River Nile, her waters dare ti recede
Leaving just the dry desert to sustain us as we work and play
We must pray to the Gods to receive the rain we need.

We will go talk to the high priestess of Isis
Please pray to the goddess Isis goddess of fertility and life
The priestess will help us in our endeavor of this
She will pray to Isis to deliver us from this destruction and strife.

We descend to the temple where we know our prayers will be heard
We kneel in the presence of Isis, mother of Horace
Hear our pleas oh goddess of life make us as free as a bird
Free us from the destruction and devastation that plague this place.

Let our ancestors cry into the clouds
Make the clouds heavy with water so it will rain
Give the River Nile the substance of life and let the rain wet the ground
Oh goddess of life let our crops produce an abundance of grain.

We continue our prayers making sure they are heard
As we leave this place to our surprise the skies are dark
Knowing this is a sign our prayers were heard
We hear the rain as it falls. HARK!



We are the ancients and creators of all you see
We created the things that couldn't be fathomed centuries ago
Our existence was unknown to all, see
If you had known us, you would have found a friend not a foe.

Atlantis, our ancient home was destroyed and sank into the sea
A super human race destroyed because we dared to defy the Gods
For the time on the calendar we were very advanced, see
We dared to think we were like the Gods.

So advanced beyond our time we built many of the things you know
We were the master builders of the Sphinx, pyramids, and other things, see
All the things built in history that can't be explained we created and we had the knowledge to make them see maybe that is why the Gods destroyed our home and made us go
We had the courage to defy the Gods and for that from our home we had to flee.

From Stonehenge to the Sphinx our tragedy helped us populate the world
Our knowledge and creations survived for decades
We had to leave our destroyed home and settle all over the world
All the ancient unexplainable things we made.

A lot of our people were ashamed of where they came from
Our reputation about being super human preceded usWe were so arrogant to defy the Gods that was really dumb
Our bloodline runs so far back we may be even older than the desert sands and dust.



Today is the day I die, the day I will take my last breath
I shall be punished for the evil deeds I dared to commit
It is like I was born without a conscious, not knowing the difference between good and bad, life or death
So no sense of right or wrong about the crime I dared to commit.

I have hurt a lot of people but with my senses I don't really care
My conscience does not realize what I did was wrong
Society and the establishment I even dared
So here I sit behind these bars waiting to go where someone like me belongs.

Where, I ask myself do I belong? In the fiery pits of hell
I was born not being able to feel the feelings of remorse
So today my condemned soul will knock on the door of hell
Evidentially my evil side came from this very source.

So society and my peers decided my punishment was death
I agree not much can be done with this tormented deranged soul
Society figures they will be rid of me when I take my last breath

As they open my cell door, I shall be escorted for my last walk
The guard beside me yelling "Dead man walking"
The man of God. on my other side reading his Bible as he walks
They strap me into the chair, the current runs through my body-------------------



Look around corners and make sure you look behind yourself
For in the darkness I lurk just waiting for my prey
I am a regal person of great nobility and wealth
Because of this I wouldn't seem guilty of any crime to everyone's dismay.

I surprise my prey because they have no idea I'm here
Lurking in the shadows at night, no one can see my face
They don't know I 'm here so I face my prey without fear
See they can't see my face so no one can connect me to this place.
If you are lucky enough to be chosen as my prey a gift I will gladly give to you
In a way you should always be indebted to me
Immortality, and for this gift you shall pay many dues
Everyone wants immortality regardless of the cost, see.

Your damned soul will aimlessly roam forever and a day
Only going out at night to stalk you prey just like me
You will crave the blood of others no matter what you do no matter what you say
Stalking your prey to make then just like you just like me.

So I lurk in the shadows waiting on you, see
To give you the unholy gift of immortality
By drinking your blood as red as can be
Never, ever paying attention to your victim's pleas.



There goes another siren wailing as it tuns on to our street
Me wondering to who's house it may be going
Gosh, the ambulance stopped right across the street
I hate to hear the ambulance siren sing.

Curiosity makes a lot of us stand outside and stare
Not suspecting murder had invaded our domain
Of this murderer do we have to beware?
Now we have to be on guard, there is a person running around that's insane.

We were told the lady that lived here was stabbed to death
We will be on our utmost guard
I don't think any of us are ready to take our last breath
We will all try to be careful, we will really try.

I didn't notice you as you cautiously walked by
I had no idea or suspicion you were even here
Why didn't you tell me you knew her? I want to know why.
I just don't understand why you didn't tell me, this is very unclear.

I walk back toward our house as there is nothing left to see
I just remember I have to do something around the house
I hear water running, then I see you, making the water as red as can be
Now I know the truth, you louse.



The old clock in the tower chimes as eerie soundI try to hasten my
walk across the bridge as it seems a fog bank has moved in
I walk faster as behind me I think I hear a sound
It sounds like distorted footsteps as they are distorted by the blowing wind.

The fog makes the street light illuminate an eerie haze
Making the feeling of fear and being afraid intensify
Now I'm at the park, that is good. because the paths here seem like an unending maze
Perhaps this will give me a chance for you, I can defy.

As I walk in the grass, it is moist from the dew
As I head for a path, I hope you won't be able to detect me
I know you are following me for this I need no review
As I walk I try to be as quiet as can be.

Then I see a shadowy figure under the street light
The street light I just passed, the one directly behind me
At this point I had no idea soon for my very life I would have to fight
You catch up to me but I have no where left to flee.

As you are right beside me, I look up into your blood shot eyes
I feel your hot breath on my face
I feel the sharp pain in my chest as I die
Now I will go to a different time, a different place.



I have always been drawn to this ancient land that thrives from the River Nile
Always knowing to myself the reason for this
You come to me in my dreams, letting me know what I must do in this mystical land that lies beside the Nile
I know in a past life I was your lover and your spell I could not resist.

In ancient times our love for each other was forbidden and condemned
Princess precluded my name so by birth right I was to marry another
I desperately loved you and I could not have been faithful to him
So in my dreams you summon me to the land from which my heritage stems.

You summon me here to bring you back from the grave
You tell me in my dreams you have waited many decades for me to recarnate
So again our love we could renew
You telling me all secrets from the past, so I can bring you back to me , my love, my soul mate.
I will resurrect you from the ancient secrets you have shared with me
But I had to come here, Egypt, the land of our origin and heritage
I had to come to this ancient land to ask the Egyptian gods of your release. see
To let you cross the sea of the dead to be alive with me again, the Gods I must appease.

We are now at the place your remains are supposed to be
I must reunite your soul with your body for you to live again
We see a sarcophagus, Inubis, bring my love back to me
God of the underworld please release his soul, so again I may feel his touch and his kiss.

Your followers bend down over the alter, chanting the words of life to release you from your prison of death
They also do this because they think they will share in our riches and wealth
I too stand chanting the words to bring you back from death
Because our added bonus will be all our wealth.

In my former life you showed me I was a high priestess of Isis
Giving me special powers along with what you shared with me,I am one of the few to be able to do this
As we chant and sing we see a very strangely formed transparent mist
The mist moves over your remains,and the transformation begins, you take your first breath, then we kiss.

You arise, then you are in my arms again
Telling me how much you love me and together we shall always be
Inubis heard our prayers and released your soul so we could be together again
Since you crossed the sea of the dead, you obtain the secrets of the Gods, see.

You tell me nothing can ham us now as you are of the supernatural and the undead
We have committed sacrilege and the others cannot tell anyone
Other ancient believers would punish us probably sending you back to the dead
So no one can remain, nothing can be said.

Your followers worship you and think you would never harm them
But you tell me they shall receive their rewards in the land of the dead
So I will witness that from within you stirs
They will follow you no matter where you lead.

This place, misty, dark, the stench of death
But I am not afraid as you tell me not to be
They follow you and I will watch them as they take their last breathe
They step into the lake of the dead as I hear their painful pleas.



I was one of the lucky ones to have been hand picked by Satin him self
I made a pact the devil to serve right by his side
He has promised me all kinds of things including riches and wealth
My life he guaranteed will be one sweet ride.

To show my appreciation to him I wonder what I can do?
He picked me as his apprentice now I will know everything
I gave him my soul in return for what I'm able to now do
To repay him I must think of the most gruesome deed possible where my victims will feel evil's sting.

It is August of nineteen sixty-nine
In this day and time I should be able to come up with something really good
I will have to include my friends if my idea is really good or fine
My friends I have include because to me they follow and serve me so good.

I'll call Tex,Susan, Patricia,and Leslie on the phone
Telling the how I wish to please my instructor, Lucifer, the fallen angel
Anything we do evil he will condone
You know we are already bound to hell.

I know, I will try to provoke the ultimate war
But to do this I must invoke a specific reason
I used to read literature on Hitler maybe I can use some of his ideas the more I read oh this man, I always want to read more
I would have felt very privileged if I would have been his son.

I decide we shall commit murder and blame it on another race
Then I will have my race war
But I and my friends will stand back and watch it take place
In the end we will have gotten what we wanted, we will be rewarded by Lucifer, I can't wait to see what he has in store.

The first time I ordered murder, I did not go, when at random we picked Sharon Tate and friends
But this wasn't enough, so the next time I went with them to the La Bianca's house,hey I even tied their hands for the others, who had the job to make sure the victims were dead.

In my mind this was the most ultimate gruesome crime
I'm totally convinced if we get caught, my partner from hell will protect me
So any one in Charles Manson's way better take heed
With my connections I can make things turn out the way I want them to be.

The establishment finally figures out we are involved. So what?
I'm not scared! My partner from hell will protect meBut I had no idea my friend, Linda, would turn he back on me
My friends know of the power given to me, I can control anything they do or say
My partner and I will make everything alright,see.

We were all found guilty and sentenced to die
I sit here not worrying, waiting on my partner to come and make everything fine
While I sit here they change their mind about the death penalty, so life in prison, now I won't die
If I were to spend life in prison my hell of what I did would always be on my mind.

So here I sit the one that wanted to be Hitler's prodigal son and fooling myself I was doing so well
He promised to get me out of this, but after he got what he wanted it seems maybe he lied
Oh boy! Life in prison and my soul condemned to burn an eternity in hell
Seems like all the hearsay about you, Lucifer was true and not a lie.


© Copyright Lanaia Lee