Film Reviews

The Exorcist
Ah yes. Who wouldn't remember this film? The film that made Linda Blair a household name although she started her acting career before this came out and was up for an Oscar nomination but that was dropped when they found out her voice was overdubbed during the scenes when she was possessed. Of course the story sets out in Georgetown as a young 12 year old girl named Regan MacNeil (Blair) is often lonely since her parents spilt up and her mother Chris MacNeil was busy with her acting career and Regan spends time with a Ouija Board and talks to someone named Captain Howdy and slowly gets possessed by him and ends up getting extremely vulgar. Her bed starts to shake, she mastubates with a crucifix and she throws someone out the window and kills the person and then the demon takes over her mind entirely. My Mom and I saw the special edition on October 2000 at a theatre which had more scenes that were too intense for it's 1973 theatrical release such as young Regan (Blair) running down the stairs upside down like a deformed spider which was quite creepy. A very disturbing film that was made based on real life events and a definite classic which was based on the best selling novel by William Peter Blatty. Check it out if you haven't seen it before which I'm sure most of you already have. I mean what Linda Blair fan hasn't seen this film already? It was based on real life events too.

Sarah T-Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic
This show was and ABC-TV movie of the week and went overly well and it put Linda to the test of how she can portrait such a character as she did. It was showing a real look at a teenage alcoholic and battling the demons of her addiction. A very strong teenage drama and Linda won an AA Academy Award for her portrayal as Sarah and this was a couple years after her fame in the Exorcist and became a successful actress in movies of the week.

Exorcist II-The Heretic
Linda reprises her role as Regan as she is now at a center helping children with mental disabilities and she is getting tested by psychiatrists as they think the old demon is back possessing her as she is predicting harmful events before they happen. Father Lamont (Richard Burton) is sent by his Cardinal (Paul Henreid) to discover the death of Father Merrin (Max von Sydow). Lamont travels to Africa in search of another possessed by the same demon named Kokumo (James Earl Jones) which Father Merrin had performed an exorcism several years in the past. he has constant nightmares of swarming moths and other insects there assuming it is controlled by the demon. He returns to New York to see Regan and to go back to her old home in Georgetown to defeat the demon. Not as good as the first one but not a bad film like movie critics say. Some good effects.

Summer of Fear
Another movie of the week Linda starred in and apart from her role in Sarah T. Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic she was also noted for this film too as it was after her reprising role as Regan in Exorcist II: The Heretic and she was gaining a reputation acting in horror flicks and blossoming into a scream queen like Jamie Lee Curtis was at the time. The story starts off with someone driving and the car gets out of control on a highway cliff and the car falls off the cliff and explodes and then an image of an evil woman appears. Next thing Linda Blair's character Rachel Bryant wakes up from her sleep and her mother Leslie (Carol Lawrence) is in tears as she tells her the devastating story that her aunt and uncle died in a car crash and her cousin Julia (Lee Purcell) will be staying with them in their ranch. She meets her cousin Julia who seems a little unusual and disturbed about something and Rachel's horse Sundance goes ballistic when he sees Julia as the family is shocked at Sundance's behaviour. Julia joins Rachel and her friend Carolyn (Fran "The Nanny" Drescher in one of her first supporting roles) as they go out and Julia styles her hair to attract Rachel's boyfriend Mike Gallagher (Jeff McCracken) who is also Rachel's horse trainer. When Rachel, her cousin Julia and her friend Carolyn return from their outing and Sundance manages to escape the ranch and attacks Julia and Julia tires to hide in one of the Bryant's vehicle's to keep herself safe as Sundance tries to trample on it. Then Rachel's father Peter (Jeff East) puts his foot down and tells Rachel he is staying in a stable but Rachel tries to convince her father that Sundance has never behaved like that and only around Julia and Rachel gets suspicious but her father doesn't care. Then the next day Rachel wakes up with terrible rashes on her face during her prom night and has to back out so Julia asks if she can go and puts on Rachel's dress that Rachel made as it fits her better than it did with Rachel and what Rachel has noticed is there was not a reflection in a mirror where Julia was standing and Rachel feels dizzy and nearly passes out. Then Julia goes to the prom with Rachel's boyfriend Mike as well Julia tries to seduce him and the same with her uncle Peter by massaging Peter and he is close to falling into her spell. Another time when Julia is sleeping she notices her picture with her and Mike is gone and the frame is broken that held the picture as well she sees some burnt out matches and some paper burnt with melted wax. She opens a drawer and sees a wax figure with Sundance's hair on it and goes to the barn where Sundance is staying to see if he's alright and is shows Sundance lying down but then wakes up and Rachel is relieved. The nexy day Mike breaks off his relationship with Rachel because of Julia and then she does a horse tournament with Sundance. Suddenly Sundance goes beserk and falls and breaks his leg and is put down. Rachel is convinced that the wax figure she found in Julia's drawer is a voodoo doll that Julia used on Sundance and goes to her neighbor Professor Jarvis (MacDonald Carey) to ask him about witches and asks him of borrowing some witchcraft books as shebelieves her cousin is a witch because she found a picture of her with cursed images on it and wants to show him proof. Later on she can't find the picture and suddenly later Jarvis nearly dies of a stroke and is sent to the hospital. Suddenly Rachel clashes with Julia and Julia tries to poison Rachel's mind that her parents will love her more and then Rachel is asked to leave by her father. But suddenly Julia is showing her evil side by her actions. Rachel goes to the hospital to ask Jarvis about what other side effects are there on witches and he tells her that a witch cannot be exposed on a picture taken from a camera so Rachel asks her mother to take a picture of Julia and her brother Tom (Jeremy Slate) and Julia gets nervous when her picture is taken of her. The Rachel asks her Mom when she'll develop the pictures and tells her she'll do so the next day but Rachel knows Julia will try to destroy the evidence by then so she demands her mother to develop them now and tries to convince her mother that Julia is a witch but her mother doesn't want to believe it although she is starting to believe it herself as well. Rachel sneakily takes the polaroid film and develops it herself in a studio they own and after the picture is developed she doesn't see anyone but Tom in the pics. Julia suddely catches Rachel and takes the pics away from her and then burns them. Then they get into a cat fight and Julia tells Rachel who she really is as her name is really Sarah and her cousin Julia died in the same car her parents did as she controlled it to go off the cliff and will happen the same to them. Rachel's father is also under Julia/Sarah's spell and nearly tries to hurt Rachel after she locks Julia/Sarah in a room but defends herself by knocking him unconcious with a chair. She takes off with her brother Tom as their mother is out and needs to warn her as well as trying to get away from Julia/Sarah. The vehicle suddenly is being controlled as Julia/Sarah manages to escape from the room with her powerful strength and turn into the evil woman that was shown in the beginning of the film after Rachel's relatives car exploded. Julia/Sarah is on their tail driving another car and then controls Rachel's mothers car to try and go off the cliff too but suddenly Julia/Sarah's car goes off the cliff and explodes and everything is back to normal with the family. Then at the end it shows another family and Julia/Sarah joins them convincing she is a relative like she did with Rachel's family as you can't kill a witch. This is very much like one of those young adult novels known as Fear Street by R.L. Stine as his stories are very similar to this one.This was also one of the highest budgets for a TV movie and could've easily been a motion picture that was directed by Wes Craven before he did A Nightmare on Elm Street or Scream (A film Blair had a very small role in as an obnoxious news reporter but was uncredited) and was basically famous for his first film at the time Last House on the Left. The TV-movie was based on a popular novel by Lois Duncan as well as music by Michael Lloyd & John D'Andrea who gained a reputation by working with 70's recording artists such as Shaun Cassidy and Leif Garrett.

Roller Boogie
A cheesy but fun teen disco film like a cross between Xanadu and Saturday Night Fever. Linda Blair plays a poor rich girl type by the name of Terry Barkley wholives in a mansion with her family and grows tired of living the rich lifestyle and wants to enter the roller derby contest with a popular skater named Bobby James (Jim Bray) while her parents are on her case telling them that place is a bad influence on her life. Some criminals try to force other people to shut down their local roller derby and Terry and Bobby try to find out about the criminals and put a stop to them. There's a neat chase scene with Blair and Bray rolliung away on a hill road from the criminlas while they try to chase after them with guns. Although the story is not believeable it still is fun to watch especially if you love disco. Directed by Mark L. Lester (Class of 1984).

Hell Night
A great film to watch on Halloween night and this time Linda Blair plays a sorority pledge named Marti with three others by the names of Seth (Vincent Van Patten the son of legendary actor Dick), Jeff Reed (Donny Osmond look-a-like Peter Barton) and May (Jenny Neuman) that have to wear costumes and spend a night at the Garth Manor, twelve years to the day after the previous resident murdered his entire family before being able to join Alpha Sigma Rho fraternity and its sister sorority. Some people claimed that one family member of the Garth's still is alive and resides at the manor. The fraternity leader Peter Bennett (Kevin Brophy) and his fraternity friends decide to pull scary tricks on them while spending the night there but however they realise that a hulking survivor is at the Garth manor and is slaughtering them then making on the move with the sorority pledges as well by going through trap doors etc. What the pledges realise that there is two hulking Garth killers at the manor and the only survivor is Marti as she tries to kill them both before they kill her.

Chained Heat
Another film Linda was remembered by. A cheesy expolited but enjoyable film as she plays an inncoent victim named Carol Henderson who she accidentally kills a man in her car and gets hauled to prison 18 months for it. When she arrives prison she encounters corruption and sleaze, where the other female inmates are sadistic crack-selling lesbian rapists and the guards and warden are no better as well as blacks being separated from the whites as there's racsim there. She also meets the head warden named Warden Bacman (John Vernon) who has his own jacuzzi in his office and invites the prisoners to join him there and video tapes them. After Carol witnesses a murder she runs to Bacman and then Bacman beats her and rapes her as well. Then the female wardens drown Bacman while he tries to seduce Carol's prisonmate friend and they're caught on tape. Carol takes the tape and tries to report it to the head of the prison so they can make their prison a better place with wardens by even teaming up with the head bully Ericka (Expolited actress Sybil Danning).

Savage Streets
Linda Blair takes on a different role. This time she is a tough girl next door named Brenda and is a leader of a fun loving group called the Satins. Well while her friends the Satins and her deaf mute sister Heather (Exploited B-film cult actress Linnea Quigley) cruise through the town they notice that a vicious gang called the Scars are selling drugs to people so Brenda decides to teach them a lesson by driving off with their car and then put trash in it. That steams up their Scar leader Jake (Robert Dryer) and so the next day they pay a visit to their school and seek revenge as well as it's their wimpy Scar follower Vince's (Johnny Venocur) Birthday so while Heather waits for Brenda in a gymnasium to walk her home the Scar's drage Heather into a washroom and brutally rape her one by one and then throws Vince on her for a Birthday surprise to lose his virginity and when Brenda and her friends return to the gym the Scars split and Jake kicks Heather in the head that is is in a coma and sent to the hospital. Brenda obsesses in finding out who did this to her sister and then finds out from Vince that it was the Scars after they also killed her pregnant best friend Francine (Lisa Freeman) by Jake throwing her off a bridge. Brenda goes in for the kill and dresses up in a leather suit along with some arrows, ropes and a bear trap to kill two of Jake's gang members Fargo (Sal Landi) and Red (Scott Mayer) while Jake finds them dead after returning from running over Vince with his car. Brenda shoots him with two arrows in both knee caps but Jake is close to killing her but Brenda splashes paint on him in a paint store and burns him to death with her cigarette lighter. A chessy but great action revenge story and I find this to be Linda Blair's best film. However, alot of critics put her acting talent down on this one so much she won a Golden Raspberry Award for 'Worst Actress' in this film but I never liked critics in the first place. But she was cast as a tough girl in a couple of other film's after this one was released so at least that's something good. There are other film's similar to this one like "Class of 1984", "3:15-The Moment of Truth" and "Young Warriors" (A film that Linnea Quigley had a small supporting role in). Directed by Danny Steinmann as well as co-writing the film which he did the same for that god awful slasher flick "Friday the 13th Part V-A New Beginning" as well as music by Michael Lloyd & John D'Andrea who gained a reputation by working with 70's recording artists such as Shaun Cassidy and Leif Garrett. As well as excellent music scores by such artists as John Farnham, Real Life, 3 Speed and Michael Bradley which at the time a soundtrack was released as well as the film having a quick theatrical release before going to video in the new year.

Night Patrol
One of those Police Academy ripoff's but not extremely terrible but not that good either. Linda Blair plays an officer named Officer Sue Perlman who's madly in love with a motorcyle cop named Officer Kent Lane (Pat Paulsen a regular performer of the 60's TV comedy "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour") who he also calls himself Melvin who's noted to be a pathetic loser as well and gets demoted to working the night shift as a punishment for his constant screw-ups. His main love is stand up comedy but doesn't want to tell anyone about it so instead he puts a paper bag over his head to disguise himself while doing stand up comedy at gigs as he is billed "The Unknown Comic". Of course the streets are crawling with weirdos, hookers and perverts. And this time they're wearing badges like what you see in a Police Academy retread. There's alot of funny scenes and stupid and gross scenes like one of the gross scenes are 3' 9" late comedy actor Billy Barty who plays their boss Captain Lewis who tends to fart and surprise, surprise there's a special appearance by foul mouthed stand up comedian Andrew Dice Clay whom is apparently funny this time as he plays a wannabe entertainer named Tony Baroni and tries to sell himself to an agent by harrassing her with what he has to offer which one scene he dresses up as John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever. There's also a cameo by Pat Mortia as a rape victim. Written and directed by Jackie Hong who has a bad reputation for bomb films like "The Being" and "Blood Diner."

Savage Island
What an awful film! Linda Blair playing Daly which she was only in it for a short time as a person trying to track a criminal down in the first bit of this film then it goes to an extremely boring South African foreign film called Escape from Hell which is supposed to be linked to the scene with Linda Blair and after the film it shows Linda again for a short bit and then the end! This is a ripoff for Linda Blair fans.

Linda again plays a tough person named Carla but this is no Savage Streets. You would expect this to be an exciting film when you see the video box cover of this one but the plot is thin and lame as Carla and her friends organising a Commando mission to try to rescue one a Captain's daughter of a U.S. Senator in Central America. There's a pointless scene where is shows one of Carla's friends taking a long shower to make up for this lame action film. Never made it to theatre's.

This is Linda's worst film to date and made for video! A pregnant woman named Jane Brooks (Blair) is taken back to the house of her husband's mother on an island. There she begins to have strange nightmare about her child and step-family. For the husband and mother are actually reincarnated lovers who were burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft. She must soon escape from their clutches or have her child sacrificed to Satan. While trying to escape the house Satan won't let them as the family is being tortured to death and when police helicopters try to see if anyone is in the house but don't see anything as Satan tries to make out that it is deserted. Cast features former TV star David Hasselhoff in the lead role as Gary which this film was shot a few years after his "Knight Rider" fame came to an end and was shortly going to be starring and producing the awful blockbuster series "Baywatch."

The Chilling
One of those cheesy zombie film version's of George A. Romero's which I think this film was a tribute to his work. Linda plays Mary Hampton who works at a cryogenic centre and on Halloween night a thunder storm occurs while her and some other employees are at a booming business in freezing the bodies of the recently dead in the hopes of defrosting them later when science has discovered a way to cure what ails them. Things are going well until the storage facility loses its power during the storm, threatening their frozen clients. To make matters worse, a lightning strike causes the bodies to revive as homicidal zombies. What has the cryogenic lab been doing to its customers to cause this kind of change, and can they stop the zombies before their rampage goes out of control? Mary and others are being chased by the zombies and almost finding that there is no escape from them as the zombies try eating the employees at the cryogenic centre alive. Okay horror film and alot better than "Witchery".

A Woman Obsessed
An okay thriller-horror of an Artist named Arlene Bellings (Ruth Raymond) who lives in an old mansion imagines that her dead husband has been reincarnated as her natural grandson who was adopted as she invites her natural grandson Ted Barnes (Gregory Patrick) and Ted's wife Evie (Blair) to her mansion for a few days but don't discover that she has a drak secret as she has a small graveyard where she talks to her dead husband next to her mansion. She poison's Evie and drugs Ted with a drink and ends up killing Evie. Then she ties Ted up making out like he's her husband. She seduces him and when he tries to escape she tortures him by breaking his toe's and then plans a wedding while he's tied up and injured. A suspenseful story. Well acted, but there's some things that need improvement. Linda's cat was used in the film.

A hilarious Exorcist spoof! In the beginning of the film it shows a spoof of a scene that happened in the Exorcist when the priest unleashed the demon inside of Linda Blair which in this film she plays a character named Nancy Aglet. Then years later Nancy is married with a family as she watches TV all day and becomes posessed again by watching a religious show hosted by a priest named Father Jebedaiah Mayii (Comedy star Leslie Nielsen) and shows hilarious clips of trying to get her bed to shake etc. like in the Exorcist. Also when two of her kids misbehave she still sits at the TV and spins her head back to tell them their consequences if they don't behave. Father Jebedaiah Mayii invited the possessed Nancy to be on his show so he can fight with the devil inside of her along with his friend Ernest Weller (Ned Beatty, who had a special appearance in the Exorcist II: The Heretic). This film was given a quick theatrical release and most people who saw the Exorcist watched this one as well for a laugh. Linda also did this movie to shake off her feelings for her role in the Exorcist since her character disturbed her a great deal.

Bedroom Eyes II
An unrelated sequel to the soft core porn dud as Linda Blair portrays as an artist named Sophie Stevens who links up to a jogging voyeur named Harry Ross (Wings Hauser) he finds a real resemblance of Sophie from his first wife that was murdered in a hit and run death. When Harry falls prey to his voyeuristic instincts again and watches his new wife Carolyn being seduced by one of her young proteges, he decides to use Sophie in a plan to make Carolyn pay for her infidelity, but his scheme backfires when she merely explodes with anger at him, rather than admitting her guilt. As if all this were not enough, Sophie then turns out to be the sister of Harry's dead wife. Sophie gets murdered and found in the trunk of her car as two killers try to set Harry up by being framed for murder. Blair acts very lusting in this film and she really grabs attention to the viewers that watched this.

Fatal Bond
A nicely done thriller filmed in Australia as Linda Blair portrays a restless hairdresser named Leonie Stevens who meets up with a drifter named Joe Martinez (Jerome Ehlers) who claims he's in the car business and claims he has a strong business with avoiding the law and falls madly in love with him. But however he is wanted by the police and a corpse is left behind them each time they travel through South New Wales and she begins to wonder about him and is almost persistent by leaving him and calling the police but she can't seem to break free of him as she is still crazily in love with him. Although film critics put this film down I beg to differ as I enjoyed the story as well as the acting and I consider this one of Blair's best film's along with "Savage Streets", "Hell Night" and "The Exorcist."

Zapped Again!
A sequel to the cult hit that starred Scott Baio. This time Linda Blair has a supporting role playing a school teacher named Miss Mitchell. A new kid naemd Kevin (Todd Eric Andrews) moves into a school where he meets up with some preppie jocks that bully him but however he befriends with a beleaguered Science Club when he uses an old potion by using his grandmother prune juice he starts to have telekinetic powers to get back at his enemies as well as having a bit of fun on the side. Okay comedy with a few chuckles but still it's average and never made it to theatre's like the first one did.

A terrible soft core porn horror made for video dud of two friends, who both work for the same high-priced, high-powered law firm, are both married to modern day witches. Erica Barnes (Played by Penthouse favourite as well as starring in that porn series on Playboy Channel Sex Court Julie Strain), the wife of Larry (Larry Pointdexter), believes that he is being led astray by Carol (Rochelle Swanson), an old flame, who also works for the same law firm. Erica decides to act and one night after a torrid sex session Larry drifts off to sleep and begins to dream. Soon the dream turns into a nightmare of sex, violence, murder and death involving himself, his friends and colleagues from the law firm which appears to be frighteningly realistic as she possesses Carol's body to try and sacrifice him and the other man's wife named Amelia Reynolds (Blair) goes into a dark room to do witchcraft by torturing her husband and friends. Offers gratituous sex and lots of skin but of course Linda Blair keeps her top on which is a wise move for her career. Boring and pointless.

Well Blair had a very minor uncredited role in this one and I really don't review uncredited actors but she was quite noticeable so this is one as well as having a few small scenes so this is an acceptance and had a few lines in it as well so she should've been credited when you come to think of it. But of course Fonz from TV's Happy Days Henry Winkler had a supporting role in this one as the school Principal and was uncredited as well so whatever.... Anyways Blair played a obnoxious news reporter trying to get information off of people about the slaughterings by a killer that calls people up on his cell phone and asks them about their favourite scary movie and how they'd like to die that night as someone in a ghost face mask and black cape just like in the horror movies and guts them open with a blade. This movie brought back the horror craze and was directed and created by Wes Craven who did the same for many horror films including "A Nightmare On Elm Street" and was a blockbuster hit in theatre's which followed two other sequels.