Savage Streets: Brenda had a fun loving group called the Satins but they pulled a mean trick on a street gang so they seeked revenge by raping Brenda's deaf mute sister Heather and then killed her best friend Rachel and now Brenda seeks revenge!

Welcome all cult fans to the fan tribute site of Linda Blair!

Scream Queen.... Hearthrob..... 70's Superstar..... 80's Sex Goddess..... B-Film Actress..... This Lady's Got It!!!!

Well folks!!! If you enjoy any of Linda's movies and followed her career. This site is for you!!! She has really come a long way and we should give her some appraise! Plus she is also an animal lover and does many campaigns for them. Linda has been famous for her horror movies, B-film's and her movies of the week during the 70's. This site is a tribute to her career. Enjoy!