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Creepozoids 1987
Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written by: David DeCoteau & Buford Hauser


Richard L. Hawkins ... Jake
Linnea Quigley... Bianca
Ken Abraham ... Butch
Kim McKamy... Kate
Michael Aranda ... Jesse

Release Date: Quick Theatrical: October 2, 1987

The Plot:

It is 1998 and World War III has happened and a nuclear holocaust has occured. 5 US army deserters try to avoid the acid rain which is falling throughout the land and take shelter in a science lab. What they don't know is a monster is lurking in there which was orgininally a female scientist but due to poisonous chemicals she was attacked by a giant beetle like creature that was once a person at the lab. This creature feasts on people or it sprays poisonous venom on them and later on they die of a gruesome death. These 5 deserters are also attacked by giant rats beforehand and one of the giant rats has bitten one fo the deserters named Kate (Kim McKamy) and has changed her into a zombie of some sort. Not only that, the creature bites the head off of another deserter named Bianca (Linnea Quigley) until there is one survivor left by the name of Jake (Richard L. Hawkins) who tries to find a way to destroy this creature before it destroys him.

Bottom Line & Comments:

This was an Alien type clone that doesn't meet up to it's expectation. However the film is alot of fun but not meant to be taken seriously. It is almost a take on old cheesy monster type movies. I liked the fact that the effects were corny as this film was a party flick. A sequel was planned but it never fell through.


The acting is passable but not up for an award of any kind. Kim McKamy acted in a few other trashy horror films and then moved on to pornography which is a sad choice as it's usually the other way around. She was very good in her role however. Richard L. Hawkins was quite good in his role too and has acted in a few other films too but never became a household name.

Nudity and Gore:

There is some nudity as Ken Abraham and Linnea Quigley's character's take a shower together in the science lab as well as them sleeping together but unlike most of DeCoteau's films, this one didn't mainly focus on that.

There is quite a bit gory scenes like when Michael Aranda and Ken Abraham's character's die of a gruesome death cause the creature sprayed it's poisonous venom on them. A giant rat bites a chunk off of Kim McKamy's neck. Also there was the scene when the creature bit off Linnea Quigley's head but her head isn't revealed. Also a cut off head is found.


The directing is so-so and better than most of his other films if you've seen Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama or Nightmare Sisters but that's not saying alot. This was one of DeCoteau's most successful films as most of his flicks went direct-to-video.


Guy Moon did the music for the film and worked on a couple of other films with DeCoteau like in Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama and Murder Weapon. He also did music for TV shows and movies of the week.


After it's quick theatrical run the movie was distributed by Urban Classics Video in 1988 but later on the company went under and then was availble on Cult Video which distributed other trashy films like Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, Assault of the Killer Bimbos, Galactic Gigolo, Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity and Laser Blast. Now it is availibe on both DVD and VHS by Koch Vision Entertainment. Go to Amazon as it's availble both on DVD and VHS.