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Welcome to Chaos Monkey--Wildlife and Fantasy Art

If you are here, at this site, you probably already know a lot about me. This is the site I built mainly for taking payments for artwork...but in case you don't name is Jen. Welcome. I am a single mom to three beautiful kids. I have been drawing as long as I can remember.
I am trying to raise money for a tattoo apprenticeship, so I am taking commissions, mainly for tattoo designs. For the most part, I specialize in wildlife, fantasy, and macabre art, but I make jewelry and mandelas, t-shirts..I will make just about anything if I am being paid! *grin*

If you stop by and commission art, please sign the guestbook, and let others know how I did! Try to be nice. :D

If you would like to commission a drawing or mandela, please email me and tell me EXACTLY what you would like, at I can do a rough sketch, and if you like it, I will do the final drawing. I will ship your drawing in a photo envelope and you can frame it if you like. If you live nearby, I will make arrangements to meet with you if that is how you would like to do things. It is up to you.

I have a 30 dollar minimum (U.S.), which I ask for in advance. I will not even START your sketch without that initial 30 dollar payment; just a fair warning. People have scammed me before. You can check out other, better drawings at my deviantART gallery. There is a link down below. Mandelas start at $15 each. My rate on drawings is $15 per hour, and I charge for any time that is spent on your drawing, including time spent on the rough draft. The drawings are on whatever paper works the best for the job. I work mainly in pencils, but I once did a painting as a request, and I paint on t-shirts, also. If you want a custom t-shirt, write to me and we'll work out a reasonable price.
I accept Paypal. Once you have emailed me and commissioned your artwork, you can come here and click to pay. Shipping costs are included in the price of the artwork.
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Thank you for visiting my art website. I hope you enjoyed it! Please come again!

Jen Charbonneau. All rights reserved.

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A few links to some examples of artwork, etc.

An old faerie drawing
3 Headed Dragon
Clouded Leopard (copy of a commission done awhile back)
A cute little dragon
A better Mandela pic
Hungry Dragon
My Elfwood Gallery
They rule..
My deviantART gallery
Hand Painted Kid's T-shirt
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Things that can be commissioned