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This is a brief description of the basic ranks a person can have in the guild and how you can be upgraded to each.

You either just joined the guild, or haven't done anything to get your rank upgraded.

You can automatically become a devotee and win a faerie by referring five members to the guild. You can also get this rank by posting a lot of messages on the guild board or doing jobs for the guild.

This is the rank that most of the members in the guild have. It is for those members who actively post and do what is required of them, but have not done any one specific important thing for the guild.

Uber Faerie
This rank is for members who have contributed a lot to the guild possibly by running some contests or owning a guild shop. This rank is a bit harder to get than the other three, so you will have to put in some effort if you want to be upgraded to it.

Royal Faerie
This rank is reserved for members who have been with the guild a long time and have contributed a great deal to help promote the guild. Members of the second council are given this rank.

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