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My heart is sore from the beating you have done to it. I feel pain, yet it is rapped up in numbness. Numbness thatís second layer is pain, again wrapped in numbness, starting in my heart and continuing to the outskirts of my being. Numbness has surrounded me trapping my tears inside; I cannot cry. Yet, I donít want to. Not a single clear gem shall fall from my eye. We had priceless memories that you have shattered. Those were photographs taken from the depths of my heart and soul; photographs developed on the perch of my lips, gently given to you through that single touch hastily referred to as simply a kiss. That kiss was utterly beautiful; time stood still and watched as our lips were brought together through blazing passions. Never had I felt that way before...

You took those photographs and ripped them up in front of my eyes, scattering them around as you walk off with her, the luckiest girl in the world.

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