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Here you will find
many different things.
My paintings and drawings,
my own & other artists animations,
faerie images & poems,
information on faeries,
vegetarians and recipes.
just enter my site through the door
or click on a page.
I hope you enjoy my web site
and come back soon

Handmade Greeting Cards
by Elizabeth Keimach

My Paintings - Animals & The Family
Stylized Paintings p1

My Paintings_ Watercolors & Acrylics p2

My Paintings _ Paintings for Children p3

Animations p4

Animations p5

Animations p6

Faerie images p7

Faerie poems p8

All about faeries p9

vegetarians p10

My own animations p11

My Art Gallery

My faerie web site

If you use my cards and pictures.
Please credit me and give
me a link if possible
If you want a link on,
or to my pages contact me.
Just click the mailbox. THANK YOU
Elizabeth Keimach

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