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The Dream World That is Me...Hannah!

Hi All! I suppose if you are here, that means you want to know more about me. That's on or add me to screen name is DreamDancing! Anyway, I'm a senior at Ball State University...and I'm a Deaf Education major. I graduate next December...and I cannot wait to move somewhere pretty. I love to dance, read, write, take pictures, listen to music, go to the lovely bars, drink wine, go to concerts, and hang out with my friends. I have to take a minute to spill to some of my friends...if you are nice to me, perhaps you'll end up on this list someday. :) So many people help me through each day of my life... Ron, you are such a great friend. I will forever be your fairy princess. Karley, I love you so much, and I will miss you when we have to leave each other! Mandi, keep moving along, you'll be great in grad school! Jeremy...I hope one day we can be together in some sense. I know fate seems to have it out for us right now, but we'll get there. Dennis...I am so proud of you. Keep on doing what you are doing. Nathan...I'd love to know what life has in store for little mountain man. Michelle...a true friend..oh how you have grown over the last four years. We all have. To all of you...we've seen so many hard many fun times...we've all cried...we've all laughed..and I could never ask for a better group of people to support me in all that I do. "If there's one thing I've learned about life, it can be summed up in three words: It goes on."--Robert Frost

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