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About the site...

This is my gallery.. Welcome! To the left side of the page there are links to different pages within my gallery starting with art 1. AP means Advanced Placement and I think the rest are self explanatory.

About the Artist...

Hi! Call me Dotty! (RadioBirdMom now) I started art in 9th grade as an easy elective, you know, something fun.. And it snowballed. Now I paint, draw, sculpt, weld, create, etc etc...

So please click around and tell me what you think...and let me know if some links don't work..

Ok.. so pretty much all of the "back" buttons don't work.. I'm working on it..

And hey look!!! A new section.. More Recent. This is a new section for more recent stuff..
UPDATE: 2-21-12
Recent is no longer recent. :)

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