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Hey everyone welcome to Dark Star's Anime Art etc. I am your host Dark Star. Some of you people may know me from Saiyan Angels: Gohan And Rini, or from my DJ Darkfighter. i am both people(gohan and darkfighter), but for some reason My Wicca name came out as Dark Star and ive used that as my pen name it seems to have some luck with me. ne wayz here is a brief amout of what i am going to put on this page.

First off i am going to put all my art drawings up here i dunno really why just i want somewhere to store it and also somewhere where my friends can view it. Second i am gonna put some tutorials up on drawing for all you anime artists out there. Next Im gonna add up some soon to come out games, animes or whatever that i am thinking of getting so all you out there can figure out what im like or just some info on some cool stuff comein out. Also ill put up some anime reviews so you can figure out what I think about animes ive seen and if its good enough to get or not. Lastly i was gonna put up my CS status just for the hell of it if any of you out there play CS and wanna skrimmish or whatever.

So yea thats alot comein up but unfortueately i cant add all that in one day -_-;; so it might take a week or so to atleast get most the stuff up. So be patiant and it will come soon.