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Get eye tubes here.

Step 1: Choose the color eyes you want to use then set a shadow on them. You do this by right clicking on the eyes and down at the bottom it will say "shadow". Click on that, it will bring up a box window...there will be a box you want to check next to Shadow. Choose the all around shadow option, which is the 5th one from the left. Transparency stays at 50, Shadow size is 105, Soft edge is 3. Click on "OK".

Step 2 : Choose your font, I used Casanova. On the left hand side tool bar of your PI there's a "T", choose that and you'll be able to type in your name. Size of font I have set at 40.

Step 3: On your easy palette go to the "Material Gallery" under "Metallic" choose the "M13" preset. Right click and change shadow options to the all around shadow (5th from the left). Change Transparency to 30, shadow size remains at 100 and soft edge is 3. On your easy pallette scroll up to "Effect Gallery", then "Brightness & Contrast" and choose "B&C3". This gives it that diamond look. :O)

Step 4: At the top of your Easy Pallette, the 2nd one from the left is your Object Libraries tab. Click on it and go to "Shape Library" and under "symbol" choose "Raindrop". You need to change the size so choose the "transform tool" that's on the left hand side tool bar of your's right underneath the "T". Change width to 8 and height to 16. You can do this at the top of your PI on your tool bar. On your easy pallette you'll need to go back to your "Effect Gallery" which is located on the top and it's the first one on the left. (Repeat step 3) Now, right click "Duplicate". Drag tear away and change Height to 10...leave width at 9. Place 1st tear at tip of right eye. Place 2nd tear, which is the short stubby one, on top of the last letter of the name.

Step 5: Choose a sparkle you want to use and make it 32 x 32 using your "Transform Tool". Make 6 sparkles total and place them on the eye lashes.

Step 6: Choose your "Pick Tool", it's the arrow which is at the top on the side tool bar of your PI. Starting at the upper left of all your objects, left click on the mouse...hold it and drag way over all the objects and let go. This will select them all, then click and hold down and drag them off the white background frame and into the gray area of your PI. They will all go into another frame that fits them perfectly. Now to de-select them all, click in the white area then select your name. Right click, "align", "center horizontally". Make sure your little stubby tear is then moved to be centered on the last letter in your name.

Step 7: Up on the top tool bar of your PI go to "Edit", "duplicate", "base image with objects". This will give you a 2nd frame, what you need to do is move the sparkles around to different areas on the eyelashes. Go back to your 1st frame and delete the 2nd tear drop (the short stubby one). Select the other teardrop that's on the eye and move it down midway between the eyes and the name. Do this by using the down arrow on your keyboard. Duplicate this window again by going to "edit", "duplicate" and "base image with objects". Delete tear on this 3rd frame. Right click, "Merge All". Move your frame to the bottom right of your PI program, you will begin building your frames up on top of each other at an angle so as to keep the frames in order.

Step 8: In frame 1, select your name, then go to frame 2. *Select name in frame 2 and on your left side tool bar on PI choose the "Object paint eraser tool". On top, on your tool bar where it says "shape", change that to an 8. Erase the last letter in your name. Duplicate this frame again 2 times, the same way you did to get the others under "edit". On one frame delete the top tear in the eye using your "Pick tool". Right click "merge all" this frame on top of other frame at the bottom of your PI. In the other frame delete the bottom, short tear, right click, merge all and place this frame TO THE SIDE.

Step 9: Go to frame 1 and erase last letter of name. Duplicate frame 2 times, in one of the frames right click, "merge all" and move on top of last frame at bottom. Move the frame you has set aside and place it on top now at the bottom also. Go back to other frame you recently had duplicated and delete the tear, right click "merge all" and move on top of last frame at bottom.

Step 10: Repeat Step 8 (from asterick *) & 9 until last letter.

When you reach the middle of the name, move the top eye tear to the other eye and also the midway tear to meet under the other eye. Also on the 2nd frame each time make sure the short stubby tear is moved over on top of the next letter you are doing.

On the last letter you donít have to erase it, just delete it and on the 1st frame you wonít have to duplicate another frame as that will be your last frame.

Remember the longer the name, the more frames youíll have and the longer it will take to load. Short names are best for this sig.