A young Druid, looking to be 19, walks about the Realm in a normal fasion. Not much can be learned from her by first eye contact or visualization, not even what she is. As any Druid should, she knows her magic, and uses it in any case to protect herself or others she cares about. Although she looks weak, innocent, and frail for her size, doesn't mean she isn't powerful...Don't let appearances fool you. This young mind has earned her way, and mastered all levels of the sacred Druid magic since a child (9 levels total). In the cleavage of her breasts is held a small dagger for extra protection, which she, only she, knows of. Concluding that Remaneeze is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She has auburn brown hair and radiant violet eyes. Her attire consits of what you see in her portrait. Arms have a light tone of muscle, legs shaped perfectly to match the size of her long skirt (touches the ground), stomach slim but firm, curves settled nicely, making a perfect femanine form. Voice gentle and cheerful (when not angered). She stands an average 5'6" and weighs an equal 120 lbs. Her past is long forgotten to others around her, and will continue to stay that way. { I give credit to little_beckie for helping me host this picture and website, love ya! ^_^. }
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