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Upload Tutorial

Ok lets begin :) First go to and create an account. This part is easy,it's just like signing up for any other site :)

Once you've done that and logged in you'll see a page that looks like this. Go where it says add album and type in the name of your album. Then click create.

Now this next page will look almost the same as the first but this time go to where it says add picture and click browse.

It will pop up a little window that lets you browse what is stored on your computer. Find the folder on your computer where your pictures are stored and double click on it to open it.As you can see I keep my snail pictures on my desktop in a folder called snails. ;)

Once you've opened the folder containing your pictures click on the picture you want to upload. You should see the name of the picture down where it says file name. Now click open.

Now you should see the pictures address on your computer in the add picture section. Now click on submit.

Voila! You should now see your picture in your gallery all ready to be posted on :)

I just wanted to add that the next time you log into photobucket it's very easy to find the album you want to upload to. They will list all the albums you have at the bottom of the page like I've circled in red on this image. So all you have to do is click on the name of the album you wish to upload to and start uploading. Hope this helps! :)