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Paintings by Carlos Cedillo - Art, Music, Keeper of Sacred time

Above: "Facing the Sunset" Painted June 11&12th, 2005 - 10Dog, 11Monkey is almost here, blog is now running on site!

This July my work will be displayed at Las Manitas on Congress Ave. in Austin, Tx! Sponsored by La Pen~a. Opening Reception will be July 8th from 6-8pm

Thank you Dr. Calleman and Anette Carlstrom for blessing our great state of Texas with your divine wisdom. May Grace bring you back to us quickly.

I am now teaching classes on the Mayan Calendar I call "Sync up with Sacred Time". Create your own Mayan Calendar Journal! Send me an email or call 830-643-9723 to set up a workshop in your area.

New Poster prints are coming soon!!!!

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"Venus Incarnate" May 2005

" Quetzalcoatl and the Feathered Serpent" 2004 for the Oneness Celebration/Venus Passages

"Return of the Black Star Jaguars" 2004 (41 1/2" x 45 1/2")
This painting commemorates both the Venus Transit of 6/8/04 and the sighting of UFOs over Cuidad del Carmen, Campeche,Mx where my parents lived for a few years. The UFO story made headlines on my 34th birthday 5/11/04. In March 2004 I visited Ek Balam which translates as Black Star Jaguar.

"Concordance" 2003 - for the Harmonic Concordance of Nov. 8th, 2003

"Iguana Sky" Oil on metal, 2004

"13th Constellation" 2004 (33" x 38 1/2")

"13Eagle was Taken...." 2003 (22"x27")

Mural at Yoshiz's Restaurant, Pasadena, CA - 2003

"Shimmering Earth" 2002 - On display at Yoshiz Restaurant, Pasadena, CA

"Mayan Isis" 2002 - On display at Yoshiz Restaurant, Pasadena, CA

"Mothership Descending from a Cloud" 2003

"Mothership Breaks through the Atmosphere" 2003

"Sierra La India" 2003

"Fox Percieves the Mothership" 2003

"Madre de los Peyotes" 2003 (22"x27")

"September 9th, 2003" 2003 (22" x 27")

"Dream-Space Portal" 2003

"Fertility" 2003

"La Mujer Dormida" 2003 - sold

Portrait of the artist as a guitarist.

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