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These hands are mine to build and mold the highway of my life.

 Photograph and Imaging  by Jane


CleoVirah Arts & Crafts

Was a dream of mine for many years, the  idea came to me while day dreaming with my best friend Liann Kaplan about starting up a restaurant that offers cool vegetarian recipes, live music, and an art corner. 

Although the restaurant idea may have to wait a while,  I decided to start  out with the art  corner, combining all my passions together to create  a web page of art, photography, Poetry,  and Digital Imaging.

I hope you enjoy  browsing through my pages.



  • You are  welcome to contact me with comments, poems, and your art works. If you'd like me to post your work on my web-sight under my Guest Artists page,  just send me a copy of your work with your full name and contact e-mail.



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