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ART 54 by Judi Thompson

Part 1

This is my choice for the explanation between the difference of GIF vs JPEG.


Part 2

This picture I saved as a JPG due to its vibrant color scheme.

Since this picture uses limited color, it was not necessary to save it in JPG so I used GIF.

Part 3

Were I called on to define, very briefly, the term Art, I should call it 'the reproduction of what the senses perceive in Nature through the veil of the soul. 'The mere imitation, however accurate, of what is in Nature, entitles no man to the sacred name of 'Artist.' ~~Edgar Allan Poe~~

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. PABLO PICASSO

Harrison AP 1 says... Art is a personal expression.

Project 6

Project 7

Project 8

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