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The sun spilled lazily over the red painted roofs in Wakaba Town, reflecting of the tail of a lone Pidgeotto beating its powerful wings in a steady and loud rhythm that rang out over the tranquil town. It gave a cry filled with confidence and dove down on an unsuspecting villager, with the intent of giving him a fright. Just when the claws of the deranged bird Pokémon were about to rip through a mess of red hair, the villager who was not really a villager, abruptly turned and used his backpack to ram the highflying pokemon head on.


The force of the blow slammed the flying-type headfirst into the dusty ground.  As it stood up, shaking from the blow, it lifted its head and prepared to do what all birds do when threatened; to shriek and flap.  As it raised its head however it was met with a pair of malevolent red eyes. It squawked and backed away, suddenly extremely nervous.


“Beat it.” The voice was low, but even those two words told a promise of a lifetime of pain should the command not be heeded. The Pidgeotto found it best to obey. Quickly.