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This is our member list. Here you will find your stats along with other peoples stats.

Ezboard Name: CesshoMaru
Character Name: Seiku 'Cess' Himura
Character Age: Unknown but believed to be around 22
Hometown: Unknown (Though rumors say Blackthorn City)

Dratini (f) - Rai

Position: Team Rocket Leader
Points: 51
Description: Tall and lean, waist long black hair, grey eyes. Favors simple black or grey jeans and sweaters when not dealing with TR stuff. Otherwise, always seen in the standard TR Executive uniform.
He hates incompetent people and demands that each new recruit must raise their pokemon from scratch to prove they can handle it.
He has little tolerance for those that question or doubt him.
History: Appeared out of no where after the Cerulean Gym and the old Team Rocket base was destroyed. Has used years to repair the base in secret as well as secretly recruiting members. Most trusted employee is Orin. No more Information is known.

Ezboard Name: Orin Ouji
Character Name: Orin Tashabar
Character Age: 16
Hometown: Unknown

Eevee (m) - Thash

Position: TR Second-in-Command
Points: 51
Description: Short sandy blond hair, wears a long black cape, with a black shirt, and black vest. The in linings are red. Has long black Arabian pants. On the vest, in the upper right corner, there is a small outlining of a Red R
History: Ran away at 16. The downpour or rain leaving him stranded, when he is rescued by an unknown person, finding out later that he is the leader of the new TR group of the Cerulean City Division. Beforehand, lived in a family of 6. His mother and father, and older sister, older brother, and younger brother. He runs away for pure hate of his older Brother.

Ezboard Name: f0rtun3 c00ki3
Character Name: Alexander Hicks, or just 'Hicks' for short.
Character Age: 16 and two months.
Hometown: Lavender Town

Gastly (f)

Position: Team Rocket Trainer, Day Care Chief
Points: 51
Description: Dark, 4 inch long gelled-spiky hair. A bit like Ken in digimon, the second series, only a little longer. A black long sleeved shirt with an embossed grey and white pokeball on the chest. Blue, faded jeans that are frayed at the foot and the back of which dangle on the floor and are often trodden on; the things treading on them nothing but cheap but hard wearing sneakers. A black, knee length coat and a paid of shades make up the image.
Vital stats: 5 foot 9, medium build, slight muscle in the arms and stomach, but nothing by body building standards, atleast. Palish complexion and slate blue eyes.
History: Born into a rich family, and by all accords, entirely by accident on the fathers behalf, Alex was shipped off at the tender age of 7 to live with his grandfather. Alex's contempt grew for the old man as his grandfather constantly hurled verbal abuse at him. At the age of 13, the now bitter teenage boy tried to run from his grandfathers house, to escape the bullying ways of his grandfather. He was returned within the hour. Now, at the age of 16 and two months, his grandfather having finally died (and, might I add, not left a penny to alex in his will), the boy was steadily becoming a man, and sought life under the wing of Team Rocket, in a hope that he could escape the memories of the past 9 years of his life.

Ezboard Name: Blinky
Character Name: Shadow ('Blinky')
Character Age: 18
Hometown: Unknown

Houndour (f) - Inky

Position: Team Rocket Trainer
Points: 50
Description: Tall, moody, has a habit of getting in the way but comes through when needed. Can generally be found in black or red, or some form of mixture. Not a fan of traditional underling jump suits. Can't stand contacts so sometimes is momentarily distracted adjusting his cheap ill fitting specs, broken many a time by pokebattle accidents. Not an awful trainer by any means, but his view of his skill and actual skill rarely match up. Betrayal is second nature to him, can be trusted about as far as you can throw him. Blindfolded. With one arm tied behind your back. With an anvil strapped to free arm.
History: Abandoned as a baby, was discovered near death by his 'parents' who were members of team rocket, his life with them began there. He doesn't know much else.