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One sentence quotes


"I'm surrounded by evil and NONE of them speak english!" - Me....Uhh...I was closed in on a hospital in Turkey. It was one doctor who spoke english and he was never there. I *hate* hospitals.

"Why the %¤"&¤" do you think I am in a bad mood?!" - Me. I was in a bad mood.

"Reality sucks." - Me. One of my more interesting conversations with a classmate.

"You're not so smart mom." - Andreas, my 5 year steph brother. I loved when he said that^^

"You little shitty thing!" - Erik, my steph father. He call me that all the time.

"EC, you REALLY have to work on your insults." - Me. Her insults sucks.

"Did she try to insult me?" - One of my classmates. Yeah he's talking 'bout EC.

"Pokemon sucks. Digimon rulez!" - EC. No offense meaned for pokmon fan. No really.

"I didn't do anything!" - Maria. She says that ALL the time.

"Smartass." - Mom about me.

"Don't give me that look. You say okay, but I know that you're asking me to shut the hell up on the inside." - Dad. did he know that? He knows me waaaay to well.




CC: *is flipping through a game magazine. Spots one of the 'new' pokemons* Whatthe? What's this thing?

EC: *looks over CC's shoulders* A pigeon on crack.

CC: *reads* It stands it's name's Natu, a psychic/flying type.

EC: I still say it looks like a pigeon on crack.

"I don't think you take your writing seriously."

".....I was writing a parody!" - Me and my english teacher....damn her.

-From a RP long ago-

CC: The snow has melted...and we're in january!

EC: OMG! It's a delayed side effect from the mako enchanted orbs mixed with the zeroground/space remote!

CC: *blinks*

EC: Or it could just be the pollution.