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Doesn't everyone just LOVE bios? *grins*

Name: Cecilie
Comments: Meaning blind in Greek I think. *sigh* So much for a cool name...

Nicknames: Cece, CC, P2K, Zelda, Dias, Cess, CesshoMaru
Comments: Cece is what my friends call me. CC is what my best friend call me because she knows I hate it. Or I used to hate it, but now I don't give a damn. P2K was my first nickname on the net and is a name I still keep with me and that's what my net-friends call me.'s a inside joke. Trust me you don't wanna know. Dias is..well....apperantly I look like him with a cap. Cess or CesshoMaru...the first one is what I'm usually called....the latter after watching to much Inuyasha.

Age: 17
Comments: Iím mature for my age. My life is a friggin' soap opera I tell you. Friends, family, love life...*sigh* And I'm even seeing a shrink. Go me.

Location: Oslo, Norway
Comments: Cold.

Gender: Female
Comments: More of a tomboy. You won't be seeing me doing girly stuff. I can't stand wearing a dress or a skirt. And most girls I've met are scary. Snotty stuck-up brats with no sense of humor and can't stand getting a bit dirty or wer, cause then it'll spoil the make-up. *shudder*

Grade: 2 year, High School(I think...the school system is messed up so I mix up alot)
Comments: I believe it is called high school. Bah..whatever.

Thing I've done that I'm proudest of: Helped the school win the Oslo schools Championship in Volleyball.
Comments: I was in all, but one match!

Things I rule at: Reading, writing(er...), eating(Is that yummy?), cracking jokes, laugh, being a complete idiot, obessive(Gimme Tekken 4. NOW!), protective, understanding, thninking up story ideas(the problem is getting them down on the paper..) and a-okay grades.
Comments: comment.

Things I suck at: Dancing, drawing, keeping in touch with people, creating bios...
Comments: That's all for now. It's probably more.

Things that REALLY annoy me: Bakas, narrow minded people, homophobes, racists, people who don't listen, people who ignore me, being called Squall(Nyaaa to you Matt!), hospitals(after visiting one in turkey..), hospital/plane food, the ones responsible for the anime dubbing over here, badly dubbed anime, PMSing bitches(I meet alot of them..hell I AM one of them), people who don't care if they hurt anothers feelings.
Things that amuse me: Otakus. No I'm serious! I'm half otaku myself and I rather enjoy the amusing conversations we have. Oh and Cat women will rule the world. (As quotes from my friend)
Comments: No, I don't have wierd friends.

Best subject: Everything except maths. But I'm fairly good in english to make up for it.
Comments: The reason for my decent grades is that I don't really try. I'm so sick of school.

Worst subject: Maths?
Comments: I'm free least for anotheryear.

Oddest thing I remember doing: Hm...I don't really do wierd stuff..I think. But itwasfunny dressing up when the whole class went to see the second HP Movie. (And yes, the whole class had dressed up)

Favorite Colors: Crimson, Midnight Blue, Eternal Darkness
Comments: What? I just like dark colors...*sulk*

Favorite book series: Animorphs, Harry Potter, Sword of truth, Wheel of Time, Artemis Fowl.
Comments: Meeh...I wish the animorphs books would come faster. And I can't bring myself to read the very last book in Sword of Truth. I hate when series end...And I'm gonna miss the Artemis books....damnit

Favorite animes/mangas: Digimon, Pokemon, Slayers, Neo Genesis Evangelion, Love Hina, Di Gi Charat, Inuyasha, Chrno Crusade
Comments: Pokemon and Digimon were the first I had the chance to see so they're okay. Love Hina is just amusing(*snickers*) and Evangelion has lottsa blood(*cheers*), while Slayers is just darn fun and has cool characters(Yay! Gourry! Hikari no Ken!) Di Gi Charat was just cute! (I am..Rabi-en-Rose!) Inuyasha fitperfectly with my obsession for demons and magic as did Chrno Crusade.

Favorite music: Almost anything.
Comments: Really, I just listen to whatever sounds good.

Favorite CD: None. I burn my own.

Theme Song: The Cruel Angel Thesis(Evangelion)
Comments: *sighs* I just love the song. To bad the show ended so fast. Loads of loose threads.

Current Most Listened To Song: Cruel Angel Thesis(Various remixes) and Get Along. (Slayers) And most recently Blue Moon and Salamander. (Digimon Frontier)
Comments: I like japanese songs. Some kind of obession.

Favorite movie: Oooh...hard one. Er...not sure.
Comments: There's so many...I really really liked Akira and want to watch it again, I have seen Ghost in the Shell and there's various other animemovies as well...I like almost all the slayer movies too!

Favorite Bishonen: Satoshi, Shigeru, Hiroshi(pokemon),Phibrizo!!!!, Gourry, Zelgadis, Xelloss, Valgaav(Slayers),Yamato, Taichi, Ken, Daisuke, Takato, Takuya, Kouji(digimon), Keitaro(Love Hina), Shinji, Kaworu, Toji, Kensuke(Evangelion)Inuyasha, SesshoMaru, Kouga(Inuyasha) Chrno, Aion(ChrnoCrusade) and so many from various games I cannot list them here@_@;;
Comments: ...I fall for cute guys to easily. Especially the ones that is destinied to die.

Favorite Bishoujo: Miyako(digimon), Kasumi(pokemon), Lina, Filia(Slayers), Asuka, Rei(Evangelion), Shinobo, Motoko, Kaolla(Su) and Kitsune(Love hina)
Um.. I think there are more. Somewhere.

Least favorite Anime Characters: Waaay to many to list.
Comments: Beda!

Favorite Shippings/Pairings: Shishi, HiroSato, Shi3, GhostGakishipping(pokemon), Taito, Kensuke, Miyaken, Rukato, Takouji(Digimon), Lina x Gourry(Slayers), Kaworu x Shinji, Toji x Class Rep. (never remembers her name..)(Evangelion), Keitaro x Shinobo(Love Hina)
Comments: Yes I like yaoi. No I don't hate yuri. I have yet to find a pairing I like tho.. Yes I know Keitaro is way older than Shinobo. But I just don't like Naru!

Likes: AU fics,writing, singing to songs in Japanese, talking in Japanese, all that is Japanese (especially music), drawing, singing, talking, the Internet, music, One of my friends, thinking up nicknames, dreaming...
Comments: *sigh* I will tell him someday...

Dislikes: Most stuff under 'Things that really annoy me' and alot more. shoo. I'm busy.