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This is our member list. Here you will find your stats along with other peoples stats.

Ezboard name: Swex20
Character Name: Swex
Age: 21
Hometown: Mount Silver (nobody knows exactly)

Pichu (m)

Position: Gym Trainer
Points: 50
Desciption: A mysterious pokemon trainer, nobody really knows who he is or where he comes from.
History: A few months ago someone noticed this strange man hanging out near the edge of the forest. Some Elders from town beleived this guy was an old cg member who once disappeared!

EzBoard Name: Ash And Pikachu
Character Name: Claeyn Sadow
Character Age:21
Hometown: Vermilion City

Electrike (m) - Volt
Magikarp (m) - Rage

Position: Gym Trainer, Challenge Referee
Points: 40
Description: He has ear length black hair, he wears a black leather jacket with a black shirt and blue jeans, he has deep-set, Cyan coloured eyes, his physical form noteably sleek.
History: Claeyn was raised in Vermelian City, under the instruction of Lt. Surge (Thus his love for Electric Pokemon) He left after an argument with Surge about his Pokemon not evolving...He traveled the towns until he came across the New Cerulean gym...he has stayed there content since.

Ezboard Name: FrankEevee
Character Name: Frankie Kawamoto
Age: 20
Hometown: Cinnibar Island

Eevee (f) - Eeve

Position: Gym Trainer
Points: 50
Description: Long, mid. brown, wavy hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. 5' 2", dresses much like a hippie and can usually be found wearing a long-ish skirt but relatively practical top clothes. Gets cold very easily and wears many layers and thick walking boots. She also wears beaded necklaces, feather earrings and a few bangles. Is generally quite kind and considerate to both people and Pokémon and hates for Pokémon to suffer. She is rather sensitive, but tough at the same time and also fiercely loyal and protective of the things she loves.
History: Not a lot is known about her past, save that it was not an overly happy one, as she does not like to discuss it. She has lost all close family members except for her mother whom she visits when she can. Due to some of these traumas she spent a little time as a Rocket under the alias of Kei Kawamoto, but after befriending one of Team Rocket's projects, Mewtwo, she escaped and erased all trace of herself from their database. Having grown up on Cinnibar Island she has an affinity to Fire type Pokémon, however she joined the gym after befriending some of its members, and was there when the old Gym was destroyed. She is one of the longest surviving members of the gym and is still in the process of helping to repair it and recruit new members after the devastation of the destruction of the gym.