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A little Lioth! Awww....

Wanna leave so soon?

Coming soon

13th of June, 05

And I suppose we're almost ready to roll. After tearing my hair out because I couldn't find a proper template that fit and were easily changeable on neither livejournal nor blogspot I simply decided I'll put it straight on the web and make my own archieves and stuff. Perhaps it'll be harder in the long run but whatever. Can't add comments to this either but hey, I'll live. If you're on Kujata and see me running by, drop me a message =^.^=

As soon as I get this place kicking, I'll refrain from speaking OOC (Out Of Character) anymore but I figured I'd do it this once to get you all ready.

Gonna get better pic...yeah 'llo all.  My name's Lioth, otherwise knows as 'that damn fluffball'. In this page I'll invite you all through my own adventures and experiences in Vana'diel and hopefully help some of you along the way. X3

Under Construction
They'll come ^^;;;

Who am I?
World Kujata
Nation San d'oria
Race Mithra
Rank 5
Linkshell EverlastingSnow

My collection of Jobs
Warrior Lvl 10
White Mage Lvl 9
Red Mage Lvl 5
Black Mage Lvl 5
Monk Lvl 5
Thief Lvl 30

My bundle of joy....or Advanced jobs. Whichever.
Paladin --
Dark Knight Lvl 5
Dragoon Lvl 40
Summoner Lvl 3
Ninja Lvl 9
Bard --
Beast Master Lvl 5
Ranger Lvl 1
Samurai Lvl 13

I can't make nuthin'
Alchemy (0(
Blacksmithing (0)
Bonecraft (0)
Goldsmithing (0)
Leathercraft (0)
Woodworking (0)