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Rules. All RPG's are in need of those so let's get this over with as quickly as possible.

General Rules

1. Keep the board PG unless the forums says otherwise.
2. Respect the admins/mods.
3. Don't ask admins to make you a mod. If we want mods we'll tell.
4. Spam the boards and get banned. Links to other pages can be posted in the links forum.
5. Read the other rules before asking for help. If you still are confused, feel free to ask.
6. Flame other members/cheat and get banned.
7. Follow the rules. And have fun.

Roleplaying Rules

1. When you create a character, try keeping them in character. Not to much OOC.
2. Don't kill other people's characters. That's bad.
3. Random events MAY happen if you RP alot, but mods and admins decide when and what happens.
4. DON'T create multiple accounts and characters. We CAN find out if you do. Trust me.
5. Try keeping the story PG-13. Really, there are kids here.
6. Don't go off controlling other characters. Unless you have permission.
7. Don't post one-liners. We hate one-liners.
8. OOC messages must be market at the beginning or the end off a post.
9. SPELLCHECK! I can't stress this enough..This also means proper grammar.

Battle Rules

Now you see. Our battle system may be confusing at first, but it'll be easier after a while. It is made like this so the rpg becomes more fun.
First of all you can battle TWICE per day. ONCE in the Trainers Forum/Rockets Haven and ONCE in the CG Vs TR Forum.
You can either post an open challenge which everyone can respond to, or you may challenge a person of your choice. If you challenge them, they have no choice but to take it, IF THEY AREN'T ALREADY IN TWO OTHER BATTLES.
You battle by choosing a pokemon and an attack. Then you wait for the challenger to reply.
Now, other members are open to VOTE for the person they want to win.
24 hours later (give or take a few hours) a mod will close the forum declaring the winner. The winner gets 1 point.

This is how the voting system works:

Charmander Vs Ivysaur
Charmander got 4 Votes
Ivysaur got 1 Vote
Charmander is worth 1 Vote. 4+1=5 votes.
Ivusaur is worth 3 Votes + 2 for having evolved once. But Charmander have the adventage and that's -2 Votes to Ivysaur. 1+3+2-2=4 Votes.
Charmander - 5 Votes
Ivysaur - 4 Votes.
Charmander is the winner!

See? Confusing? Well, the mood will count up the votes for you so you won't be confused. many points is Charizard worth?
Simple. Charizard is worth 5 Votes. It gets 4 more votes for having evolved twice. That's 9 Votes in total.
Same works for a Lugia. It is worth 8 Votes, but gets 2 extra because it can't evolve.

Still confused? It ain't forbidden to ask.

Evolving your Pokemon

To evolve your pokemon you have to follow a few steps.
First of all, your Pokemon has to have EXP from 5 battles. It doesn't matter if it won or lost.
Second, figure out HOW your pokemon evolves. By Level, Stones or Happiness.

If your pokemon evolves by level you have to pay for it's evolution. Go to the PokeMart and check out the prize for evolution there. After that Email, your choice to the Admin which is looking over the mart. Your profile should be updated within 24 hours.
Stones are random events. If you're lucky, you might stumble upon one. (After a battle or it may come with a pokemon) When evolving a Pomeon with a stone you use the same method as buying a pokemon.
Buy your pokemon a present at the Mart! pokemon loves presents. Then go to the pokemart and post in the evolution forum.
Alright it's two ways of doing this. If your pokemon evolves only when traded with an ITEM, you may be lucky enough to find one in a random event or the PokeMart may have it on a special sale. If no item is needed, it evolves the same way as you would do by level. (Meaning: Read under level.)