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Leopard Geckos 10 Galleons

This is considered by many to be the ideal lizard for beginners. They are relatively small and easy to care for. They are insectivores and should be fed a variety of insects. They are also quite docile and easy to handle.


Bearded Dragons 12 Galleons

These are probably the most challenging of reptiles listed here, mostly due tot he equipment needed to keep them. This Australia native reaches a size of 18-24 inches so needs a good sized tank. However, these lizards are entertaining and easily tamed. They need a diet that is a combination of insects and a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit.





Corn Snakes 10 Galleons

These beautiful snakes are docile and easy to care for. They reach an adult size of 3-5 feet or so, and can be expected to live 10 years or more. Corn snakes are excellent escape artists and need an enclosure with a tight fitting lid, though!


Ball Pythons 12 Galleons

A small constricting snake (adults reach 3-5 feet) that is usually quite docile and easy to care for. They do have a reputation for refusing to feed, so potential owners should be persistent in finding a healthy captive bred ball python. Ball Pythons can be expected to live a long life (20-30 years).





Crup 25 Galleons

Magical creature which strongly resembles a Jack Russell terrier, except that it has a forked tail. Crups are extremely loyal to wizards and ferocious toward Muggles. They eat almost anything.


Kae Dogs 25 Galleons

Kae dogs are strange dogs. Although they are all born white their coat starts to turn different colours depending on their moods as they get older. When they are close to death their fur fades to white again.





Nox 25 Galleons

Two tailed cats that show remarkable intelligence. Despite their size they can be rather aggressive towards strangers and are extremely hard to get off if it closes its tiny jaw around something.


Itsu Cats 25 Galleons

Itsu cats are Siamese looking cats with long thorn-like spikes among its back and tail. When threatened, these cats will roll into a ball, similar to the hedgehog.





Rats 5 Galleons

Rats are intelligent, social animals that can make wonderful pets. They are also easily tamed and relatively easy to care for, but are not low maintenance pets. They require a fair amount of attention and exercise time outside of their cages every day. Those may live up to 15 years.


Mice 3 Galleons

Mice are nocturnal and very social. They will be very active in the evening and night, but don't expect to do much with them during the day. Being social, they are best kept in groups. A pair of females is the easiest, although larger groups are fine if you provide the cage space. These Mice will live for a full 10-15 years if treated well.


Chinchillas 6 Galleons

With gentle handling from a young age most chinchillas will become quite tame and bond closely with their owners, although sometimes they do not like to be held or cuddled. They are very active and playful. They can be kept singly, and usually will do fine as same sex pairs especially if they are littermates or introduced at a young age. Will live as long as 20-30 years.


Hamsters 3 Galleons

There are two main types kept as pets - the golden or Syrian hamster, and the dwarf hamster. Dwarf hamsters are about half the size of golden hamsters. Golden hamsters are quite happy kept as single animals and often fight if kept in groups. Dwarf hamsters, on the other hand, are more social and are probably better kept as pairs (same gender). Otherwise, their care is quite similar. May live up to 10 years.


Guinea Pigs 5 Galleons

Guinea pigs are social animals, and you should consider keeping a same sex pair so they have company.

A pair of females is a good choice; a pair of males may be fine but may fight.

They are a long-term commitment, with an expected life span of around 12-15 years, although up to 20 aren’t unusual.


Ferret   6 Galleon

Ferrets sleep a large part of the day, commonly around 18 hours. They naturally tend to be active at dawn and dusk, but usually adapt their sleeping and active times to the fit the schedules of their owners. They usually live to become 6-8 years.






Scorpions 15 Galleons

Scorpions are becoming increasingly popular as pets, especially emperor scorpions. They are not great for handling, but they are quiet, clean and easy to care for. With a lifespan of 6-8 years they are a fairly long term commitment, and finding a pet sitter might be a bit of a problem. These Scorpions are spelled to not contain poison. A poisonous one is 5 Galleons extra.


Tarantulas 12 Galleons

Tarantulas have been a relatively popular pet now for several years. They are unique, quiet, and need little space, and keeping tarantulas as pets can make a fascinating hobby.





Christmas Island Hawk Owls - (Ninox natalis)  25 Galleons

The Christmas Island Hawk Owl eats mainly insects, usually by snatching them from foliage. They have also been observed hawking for insects around street lights. Other prey recorded includes juvenile black rats, and small lizards and birds.


Elf Owls - (Micrathene whitneyi) 25 Galleons

Elf Owls hunt small, weak prey because their relatively weak feet and talons. Virtually all prey is arthropods - mainly insects and scorpions, although they likely take the odd mouse or small bird also. There have been a few rare records of small lizards and small snakes being taken. Other common foods include grasshoppers, locusts, mantis, fly larvae, caterpillars, centipedes, and cicadas.


Powerful Owls - (Ninox strenua) 25 Galleons

The colour of the upperparts varies from grey-brown to dark brown and may appear bluish in dull light. The forehead is creamy white and the crown and nape finely spotted creamy white. The back and wings are irregularly barred, also in creamy white. There are approximately six narrow creamy white bars across the tail. A Powerful Owl's Facial disc is dark brown, and surrounds bright yellow eyes with prominent eyebrows and a powerful, bluish horn beak with bristly feathers at its base.




Rare Magical Critters. Will only be sold with a VERY good reason.


Nine-Tailed Fox 50 Galleons

Gold-coloured nine-tailed fox. Over the years the tail split into nine separate tails. They love playing tricks on people but can get upset rather easily. If you ever pull it's tall we take no responsibility for its revenge..


Tanuki - (Raccoon Dog) 45 Galleons

Long ago, they tricked and deceived men, though they are more benevolent than the fox. Either way, Tanuki's are tricksters who delight in fooling people.


Mist Cat (Kittens Only) 55 Galleons

Mist cats must be taken away from their mothers soon after their birth and placed with their new owner to properly be tamed. Once you have tamed it however you have a fine companion that works much like a bodyguard. They are the same size as the Non-Magic lynx and their names come from the colour of their long, silky fur.


Gruepards 55 Galleons

Gruepards look like the Non-magic Leopards but are smaller in size and much tamer. In the old days they were used for bird hunting and some are still used for that. They are fiercely loyal to their owner and many stories have been told of how these cats would give their life to save their partners if necessary.


Salamander 40 Galleons

Aside from being called a Salamander, it is also called a Fire Lizard, and true to its name, it breathes fire, and looks like a flaming lizard. It is believed they are related to demons.






Reptile and Insect Supplies


Misc. Supplies:


Realistic Terrarium, various sizes.

(Small) 5 Galleons

(Medium) 10 Galleons

(Large) 15 Galleons

For an additional 10 Knuts, the Terrarium will be spelled to create the climate most suitable for your pet.

Food/Water Dish – 2 Galleons


Food: (will last two months)


Live Food (Mice, Insects) – 2 Galleons, 10 Sickles

Non-Live (Fruits, Vegetables) Food – 2 Galleons



Cat Supplies


Misc. Supplies:


Cat Bed – 2 Galleons

Cat Pillow – 1 Galleon

Litter box – 3 Galleons

Grooming Kit (includes two brushes, shampoo, and claw clipper) 2 Galleons


Food: (Will last two months)


Dry Food – 5 Galleons

Wet Food – 4 Galleons, 10 Sickles

Catnip – 3 Galleons

Kitty Candy – 2 Galleons




Toy Mouse – 2 Galleons

Small Ball – 2 Galleons




Dog Supplies


Misc. Supplies


Dog Bed – 2 Galleons

Collar & Chain – 2 Galleons

Nametag – 1 Galleon

Grooming Kit (includes two brushes, shampoo, and claw clipper) 2 Galleons


Food: (Will last two months)


Dry Food – 5 Galleons

Wet Food – 4 Galleons, 10 Sickles

Gnawing Bone – 3 Galleons

Puppy Candy – 2 Galleons




Chew Toy – 2 Galleons

Ball – 2 Galleons





Misc. Supplies:


Cages, various sizes. (Including Food dish and water dispenser)

(Small) 5 Galleons

(Medium) 10 Galleons

(Large) 15 Galleons


Self-cleaning cages, various sizes. (Including Food dish and water dispenser)

(Small) 10 Galleons

(Medium) 15 Galleons

(Large) 20 Galleons


Mazes – 10 Galleons

Carry Cases – 2 Galleons


Food: (Will last two months)


Pellets – 5 Galleons

Cheese – 3 Galleons

Sunflower Seeds – 5 Galleons

Vegetable & Fruit Mixes – 3 Galleons

Other Food – 4 Galleons



Owl Supplies


Misc. Supplies:


Cage – 20 Galleons

Self-cleaning Cage -30 Galleons

Water/Food Containers – 2 Galleons

Perch – 5 Galleons




Live Food (Mice, Insects) - 2 Galleons, 10 Sickles

Seeds, fruits, Vegetables – 3 Galleons

Healthy Owl Food – 5 Galleons



Rare Creatures Supplies


Misc. Supplies:



(Mist cat) 10 Galleons

(Gruepard) 10 Galleons

(Fox) 10 Galleons

Collar & Chain, various colours and styles. 5 Galleons

Fire-proof Terrarium. (Essensional for owning a Salamander) 15 Galleons

Beds, Toys and such things can be found by looking at the Dog/Cat Supplies.




Meat (Mist Cat, Gruepard, Fox, Raccoon Dog) – 7 Galleons

Live Food (Chickens, Pigeons. Used when teaching Mist cats and Gruepards to hunt) – 5 Galleons (Enough to several ‘hunts’)

Nuts (Racoon Dog) – 2 Galleons

Refer to Reptile Supplies to find Salamander food.