The Official Victoria Dracul Website

  • NAME: Victoria Dracul
  • REAL NAME: Vittoria de'Sectrates-Dracula
  • BORN: circa 1477 in Venice, Italy
  • BORN INTO DARKNESS: 1501 by ex-husband Vlad Dracula
  • HOBBIES: Performing, Sex, Blood Drinking, Scrilige, etc.
  • ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Necropheliac Weekly's "Hottest Female Performer " 96-01, Winning all of Dracula's Estate after their Divorce in 1995, Getting her sister Crystal commited in 1996, 42 Tombstone Awards, Appeared under an assumed name on America's Most Wanted over 2 seasons, Gave birth to and ate Marilyn Manson's love child, Excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church in 1683. Excommunicated and physically thrown out of the Church of Satan personally by Anton LaVey in 1986, Hit songs such as "Tiny Bubbles (In The I.V. Line)", "Two Sets Of Bloody Lips", and "Who's Casket Have Your Shitkickers Been Under?" continue to sell Platnum.
  • RELATIVES: Crystal Chandel-Leer (sister), Sinnamon (cousin)
  • FRIENDS: Felicia DuPre, Babushka Dildoski, Lil'Debbie, S'Fonda Coxxx, Erika Bouvier, Divina, Mia Li Pressonails, Robyn Roxxx, Dr. Elizabeth, Veronica, Sophie, Chi Chi
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