Thursday April 25, 2002
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Summer Show 2002 Cancelled This year's Summer Show has been cancelled due to lack of planning and time. This event which was originally planned to be an annual event was first held last year for Summer Show 2001. This year's show, however, seemed to generate very little interest within the club perhaps due to busy scheduals of members who participated in SS01, distance matters for other members, and perhaps the fiasco that ensued after SSO1 last year. Although the owners of Escapade had expressed interest in us returning for SS02, the planning committee didn't assemble nor were any ideas or requests to perform recieved from club members, in the meantime the vacancy for a show was given to another performance evidently to be held June 21.

Our First Year On March 26th 2002 CPDA had it's first anniversary since it's creation in the spring of 2001, since then branching into the email group hosted by Yahoo!Groups, and the website hosted by Angelfire. Our first year was full of trying times, both within the club and within the world.

New plans for CPDA Online Plans for a new format of the monthly newsletter that will interlock between the Website and Email group are in the works, as well as a new format for Secretia's advice column "Ask Secretia!". Also a new gallery for fans that would like to be featured is coming.

Upcoming drag shows
4|26|02- show-Pittsburg PA
4|27|02- show-Reading PA
5|3|02-Miss Gay Eastern PA America Pageant-Reading,PA.
5|3|02-1st Miss Laural Highland Pageant-Johnstown PA
5|18|02-Benefit Show-Sunbury PA
5|18|02-The Alexxus Show-Lancaster PA
5|27|02 -Miss Gay NJ State Pageant-Eatontown NJ
6|9|02-Miss Gay Lancaster America '02-Lancaster PA
6|16|02-DV8 Pres. "Glitta-n-Trash"-Lancaster PA
6|16|02- show-Sunbury PA
6|21|02- show-Altoona PA