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Thur. May 9, 02
Happy Mother's Day! Don't forget ladies, Sunday May 12th is Mother's Day! Time to remember our mommies, and even our second serogate mommies in the drag world!
New Events Some new dates for shows, events, pageants, etc. are posted on the events page. Most of which are in the Pittsburgh and Eastern PA Areas, this seems to be a dead drag season for the center of our state, hmm? If you catch wind of, or already know of, any shows and pageants in your area let us know and we'll, as always, post 'em girls!.
A Hello The Rainbow Inn in Sunbury PA sent a nice email in appriciation for mentioning their shows and espressing interest in the club. Glad to help!
Wed. Apr. 24, 02
Summer Show '02 Cancelled Due to timing and not much interest evidently our second annual event will no longer be annual. Perhaps next summer kids.
New plans for CPDA Online Plans for a new format of the monthly newsletter that will interlock between the Website and Email group are in the works, as well as a new format for Secretia's advice column "Ask Secretia!". Also a new gallery for fans that would like to be featured is coming. As always, if you are just joining CPDA and are a performer and would like to be included on the Performer's Page, feel free to send a Bio and pic. And especially, if you know of any drag show or event in your area, pass along the word and we'll add it on the Events page.
Our first year On March 26, 2002, the Central PA Drag Association turned one year old. It's been a rocky begining and first year, both in the group and in the world as a whole, but we made it! Thank you for your interest in CPDA, and I hope this club continues to be a helpfull tool for all.
Tue.. Feb. 12, 02
Happy Valentines Day! Don't forget girls and guys, Feb. 14th is that day awaited by some and dreded by others. Hope you all have a happy and lovely Valentines Day with your special someone or with a special-someone-to-be.
Slow Season? Things seemed to have slowed down this winter, however we've gotten word of 2 new shows in the lancaster area, please see the events page.
Technical Error...joy oh joy! Due to some technical problems, for one, a dying hard drive, the website will be going thru a slow-spell for updates and the like. But in the meantime, continue to watch the email group to keep updated on the latest news, happenings, and chit-chat amungst the gang.
The Email Group Some have asked why they've been recieving blank posts, or sending posts and once they go they show up blank. The reason for this is because there was either rich text or images in the post and we now only support plain text. Understandable to some this sucks and perhaps primative, but we've recieved too many complaints about huge emails and etc. etc.
Tue.. Jan. 8, 02
Just Around the Corner (No, not on the corner) March 26th is The Central PA Drag Association's FIRST Anniversary.....I'm thinking cocktails?
Not Getting your CPDA Emails/Newsletters? Many emails have come up "invalid" and were hence dropped from the database. If you wish to remain part of the group and have had a change of address, please go to the Contact Page and re-sign up under your new address, or if you find your old email address has not been dropped but you'd rather get the postings at another address, please log into CPDA Yahoo!Groups Page under your Yahoo!ID and change the address in your settings. (under these settings you can also not only change your email address to receive postings elsewhere, but also change how you get postings, such daily or weekly digest versions, or no mail/check the Yahoo!Groups CPDA page to get postings). Hope this clears up any of the confussion.....if you find your email address was dropped it was because it was returned over 6 times....no worries....you were NOT banned,
Sat.. Jan. 5, 02
Summer Show 2002(?) Any ideas or offers about the probable but possible SS02 can be made via emailing The Central PA Drag Association.
Tue. Jan. 1, 02
Happy New Year 2002! Happy new year to all dear CPDA Members and performers. 2001 proved to be a trying year, let's hope we can make 2002 a better year!