Victoria Dracul

Victoria Dracul was born Carmilla Victoria de'Secretti to a wealthy Italian Family in Florence circa 1477. In 1498 she moved to Moldavia to join the court of Erzebet Batory. While serving as advisor to the countess circa 1501, she met & wed vampire & former three-time Prince of Wallacia (now modern day Romania), Vlad Tepes Dracula, who already at this time already had 3 wives. After close to four centuries of temultuous marriage Victoria and Vlad called it quits in 1995 and entered a bitter divoce. During the mid 1800's Victoria sued author Sheridan Le Fanu for deffamation of character in his fictious account of her life in his novella "Carmilla", Vlad was little emotional support seeing as he was obcessed with endlessly hiring mafia hitmen to "off" Irish author Bram Stoker for revealing a cold and ingenerous portrayal of him in his now famous novel "Dracula".
In 1997 Victoria re-appeared in the public sector as a stage entertainer and performer under the stage name "Victoria Gothchik" on the advice and help of her sister Crystal Chandell-Laer and her long time friends S'Fonda Coxxx and Felicia DuPree. Not long after, however, the divorce between her and Dracula became so heated and entangled, growing tiresome of tabloid reporters, and saddened over the abduction of close friend Felicia DuPree, she announced her retirement so soon after her sucessful launch into the entertainment world.
During her 2 year retirement her divorce was settled leaving most the estate and assets to Vicki leaving ex husband Dracula penniless. Also during this time she discovered her distant cousin Sinnamon, a practicing witch and poet, during a vactation in New Orleans, her sister Crystal was thrown into a mental and detox institution as a permanent resident due to her cocaine and alcohol addictions. In October of 2000, dear friends of Vicki's; Erika Bouvier, Davina, and Robyn Rokks, encouraged her to get back into entertaining. It was also around this time she became aquainted with her close friend Mai Li Pressons.
Shortly after 4am on June 16th, 2001 at Summer Show 2001; after her what would be her last appearance, her twin engine plane went down over the mediteranian ocean. On board were Victoria, her stage manager, a personal assistant, as well as pilot and co-pilot. Italian Authorities claimed the wreckage was unretrievable. During her life, or un-life, she mostly at her castle in Tirgoviste, Romania and occationally in her fall retreat in central Pennsylvania with her distant cousin Sinnamon. Her hit singles "Tiny Bubbles (In The I.V. Line)", "Two Sets Of Bloody Lips", and "Who's Casket Have Your Shitkickers Been Under?" continue to sell Platnum in Europe.
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