Mai Li Pressons

Mai Li Pressons was born the child of a torrid love affair between an american GI and a peasant Thai girl in 1975. She grew up in a small village called Ydorn Thani with her mother and grandparents. In her teens she became involved in the family opium smuggling business. Years went by and she longed for something else, a more glamourous and beautiful lifestyle, she was sick of running drugs. Little did she know that her last smuggling trip to Philly would change her life forever. It was June 2000, Mai Li was flying over central PA, admiring the beautiful scenery when her plane ran out of fuel and crash landed in a back yard in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania. She met the person who would soon become the sister she never had, Miss Victoria Dracul, who ran out the house to see what stupid bitch just took out her 300 year old oak tree.....and the transformation began....and with a little help from Miss Robyn Rokks she started turning her dream of becoming a pop-diva a reality!