Lady Georgia E. Vanderbilt, PhD.

Lady Georgia E. Vanderbilt, PhD., was born in Newport, Rhode Island on the 31 Oct (no year given.) "A true lady never reveals her age!" She is the daughter of Regginald and Gloria L. Vanderbilt. Her parents knew she had class when she was born at the hospital wearing a Christian Dior gown and large jewels. She is the sister of the fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt and heiress to the 1 billion dollar Vanderbilt fortune. Growing up people used to call her "the poor little rich girl!" Because she was involved in the scandalous and infumus child custody case of the century. When her parents got divorced her mother spent no time finding another wealthy man. She sure did. She got married and divorced 4 more times before her tragic death. When her Rolls Royce limo collided with Grace Kelly's auto in Morraco. The press didn't know that! She used her mother as a role model growing up and into her adulthood as we can tell by her many divorces. Georgia has been divorced more times than her good friend Elizabeth Taylor!! She's married now to Prince Neil of Morraco the man of her dreams! They spent most of their time here in the United States at their now famous Biltmore Estate, where they host large galas and entertain on a vigorous schedule. She also spends time at her Hospital the Vanderbilt Medical Hospital where she is the President and CEO. She received her PhD from Yale university in 1999. She also adds that if you need advice about class and glamour to give her an e-mail at