Felicia DuPree

Felicia DuPree was born on Februart 14th of an unknown year.....she refuses to disclose how old she is. She was born in a small backwater town, where she lived with her mother, 13 sisters, and 9 brothers. She was unsure of who her father was, as her brothers and sisters all had different fathers as well....her mother was a very liberal woman, and gave freely of herself, except when it came to her children. As Felicia grew up, she learned many things from her mother, the most important being, the nicer you are to a man the nicer he is to you. This was to be a very important lesson for Felicia and she was determined to rise above the squalor and become a rich and powerful woman.
Her brothers taught her many things, not the least of which was how to please a man. By age 16, felicia had run away from home, looking for a better life, and Felicia started performing in small local bars and pagents, such as the Barnesboro American Legion, and the Corner Pub and Grill in Patton, PA. She then moved on to big and brighter places, such as the VFW in Cresson, PA., from there felicia continued to grow and began performing at the fabulous and grand Escapade in Altoona, PA.
Felicia quickly gained the reputation of being a diva, or well, in plain terms, a bitch. She was also using the talents her mother and brothers gave her so many years before. It all came to an unfortunate end when Felicia was making a guest appearance in a world hunger show in a 3rd world country, complaining the entire time about the heat, the water, and not enough gin martinis, when she was abducted by some Ethiopians who thought she looked like a tasty meal. Unfortunately for them, she ravaged them all with her insatiable appetite for sex, and was able to escape from the village after just a few short months. After undergoing therapy, and many beauty treatments, Felicia was back to herself, and ready to perform again
She was seen performing at the Chevy Chase Center in Indiana, PA. Unfortunately for Felicia, after a lot of gin, and some um, illegal substances, she was carried away kicking and screaming by some rough rednecks that felt she would fetch a nice ransom....little did they know that no one would pay to get her back. After many months of negotiations by Jessie Jackson, Felicia was returned. Rumors are she had actually sexually drained the rednecks, and they are completely impotent now, so after many months of being held captive, Felicia has descended upon the masses with a vengeance!